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Fat Burner – Watermelon

Summer, sun, sun. Summer is nearing its end, and with it watermelon time. Before the fruit disappears from the shelf, you should access it again. Because watermelons are not only delicious and quench your thirst, they are also healthy – and can help you lose weight.

Low calorie and fat burner

So the watermelon is too round 90 percent made of water and therefore extremely low in calories: 100 grams each Just open it 38 calories. 0 grams of fat and 8 grams of carbohydratesThanks to watermelon, it has a reputation as a fat burner, i.e. a fat burner, including the amino acid citrulline. Ensures that no new fat is stored while it promotes fat burning.

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Melon as a killer of pine?

In addition to water, sweet fruits also contain many healthy nutrients. It's up there Vitamin C, It strengthens the immune system and tightens the connective tissue. The one that is in the melons The antioxidant lycopene protects cells and slows skin aging.

In addition, the watermelon still contains Vitamins A. B6 and potassium, By the way, with all kinds of melons: the smaller the melon, the more vitamins and nutrients it contains. Therefore, get to the melon!

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Whether ripe or immature, watermelon always looks the same. Here is a tip: If you don't hear a dull sound when you tap a watermelon, the fruit is ripe. If, on the other hand, it sounds hollow and metallic, the melon is not ready to eat yet.

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