Hairstyles: How does a pony à la Parisienne manage? 3 tips 2

Hairstyles: How does a pony à la Parisienne manage? 3 tips

Do I need? Shouldn't I? There is hardly a woman who has no pony at any point in her life. Anyone who has had less experience reducing statements should take a look at our French neighbors. We discover the secret of her perfect-imperfect pony.


Who once had a pony who knows: just let it dry and the look is done, only works for the rare. On the contrary, shorter hair on the forehead has to be a haircut, washed almost daily and is often trimmed to look good. Of course, Parisians not only spend zero effort on their beauty, as is often assumed, it has been clear for some time. But how do all the beautiful French women we know from Instagram always manage to be casual? Frange to wear?

Fringe Hairstyles: This is how the French version goes in 3 steps

1. The perfect tip

Leia Fez, Sabina Socol or model Léa Bonneau share a pony in the middle. It gives the forehead some air, and the hairdo doesn't look like a helmet.

2. Ideal texture

Surprise: If you imitate Parisian women, make sure your overall hairstyle is never perfect. After combing your hair, simply run your fingers through the mane.

3. Who is the pony à la Parisienne?

Pony is suitable for all types of hair structures, even for curls. Will it be beneficial to decide mainly the shape of the face. Women with a slender, oval face are particularly well-placed. And at the same time, heart-shaped angular faces make the edges of à la Parisienne. However, extremely round faces can be squatted through a pony. If the hair is very thick, the hairdresser may need to thin out the hair on her forehead to avoid hanging too much in her face.