Hazardous germs registered in Hesse waters: Multi-drug resistant bacteria can be treated …

dangerous germs found of the German river Hessen

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been found in rivers in Hesse. Researchers took samples from rivers in the area and found five. Test results are troubling because most drugs are not effective against pathogens. So, if swimmers or tourists become infected with it, they cannot be treated with antibiotics. Especially many dangerous germs were found near hospitals, nursing homes and factory farms.

Dangerous germs found in five rivers in Hesse: Is there a risk of contagion?

Multi-drug resistant bacteria have been found in Fulda, Gersprenz, Main, Lahn and Alte Wehre. Whether bathing in bathing water is still harmless can be best said by the regional environmental office. There is always a risk that people in water sports swallow water while swimming or surfing. With water, the bacteria enter the intestines and could settle there. Particularly in infants and people with poor immune systems, ie patients who are currently taking antibiotics, there is a greater risk of infection. You should definitely refrain from bathing in poor quality water. It can cause ear or eye inflammation in healthy people.

Dangerous Germs: Multi-resistant bacteria are safe for most people

dangerous germs german river sports

Even if bacteria settle in the gut, it does not automatically mean that it will have a negative effect on the gut flora. About 7% of the European population have such bacteria in their nose, mouth, or intestines and live with them without infecting them. However, if the immune system is weakened by illness or poor nutrition, inflammation can occur. In any case, scientists fear that the effects of the introduction of multidrug-resistant bacteria in the future could have serious consequences for all of humanity. Because dangerous germs are difficult to cure, many people could die from the complications of the flu in less than 30 years.