Heavyweight handball players on the agenda are heading seven 2

Heavyweight handball players on the agenda are heading seven

The Red Devils of Lake Constance boosted their confidence with super-success for dancing at three weddings.

heavy Alpla HC Hard handball players face off for the 22nd straight season in the top national league in men's wide-chested handball. With 22:17 away wins in the Austrian Super Cup in Krems against the reigning champion and winner of the ÖHB Cup not expected in this clarity, the Red Devils of Lake Constance on the one hand earned respect from the competition and at the same time stimulated a strong dose of confidence. With a third triumph in a row and a fourth in prestige history at the start of the season presented in 2012 and a 14th title win in club history, there is one strong signal in any case for the upcoming title hunt.

They work great in the collective

Despite justifiable joy over the perfect start to the season, head coach Klaus Gärtner refuses to let the euphoria overwhelm him. "This success was due to an unfavorable sign due to the absence of Gerald Zeiner, Ivan Horvath and defender Max Hermann. This clarity was certainly a bit surprising. But the way the team presented themselves in the Super Cup was really impressive. of the top performers, they got right on the task and proved a lot of morale. In the end, we were rewarded for our commitment and we deserve to be proud, "explains the 44-year-old German.

Heavyweight handball players on the agenda are heading seven 3
Gerald Zeiner has disappeared due to bursitis in the Super Cup in Krems. But at the Bolzano European Cup on Saturday, an ÖHB team player wants to play again. GEPA

In the same breath, the EHF head coach in his second season on the Red Devil Bridge points out that he is well aware that claims have increased and you just don't want to be happy with a Super Cup as a trophy this season, "We want to improve in one Spus League. to reach the finals of the ÖHB Cup and at least to qualify for the next round of the European Cup. Having succeeded at Supercup, we have established a strong fragrance brand and the competition has pushed us into the role of favorites. "

SSV Bolzano before his eyes and Skjern in mind

The three-wedding dance commencement is the first rehearsal on the international stage with duels against five-time Italian champion SSV Bolzano next Saturday in South Tyrol and on September 7 (7pm) at the sports hall on the lake. "From paper we go as favorites in this duel. However, despite the geographical proximity, we have little information about the South Tyrols. It is certainly not a disadvantage that we play the first game out of the house. In the first few minutes we can get an accurate picture of the opponent's performance and, if necessary , to react to it, ”says Gärtner.

Heavyweight handball players on the agenda are heading seven 4
Ascending to the second round of the European Cup, captain Dominik Schmid and handball group Harder would meet Denmark's top team Skjerna. APA

If you successfully overcome the first hurdle in the 18th European Cup season, that would come in early October compared to Skjern handball. The dance is being coached by former ÖHB team boss Patrekur Johannesson. With Norway's Bjarte Myrhol, Thomas Mogensen, Anders Eggert and goalkeeper Björgvin Gustavsson, four world-class players are in the top club of the 2016 Olympic Champion and current World Champion. "Just expecting a duel with this absolute world-class team should motivate and encourage the guys in two games against Bolzano to give everything," Gärtner said.

The league begins Sept. 4 at home against the promoted

Between the two matches of the European Cup against Bolzano, on September 4 (7pm) and the inaugural match in the Spus League 2019/20 in their own hall against the promoted Bärnbach / Köflach. In the national championship for the Gardeners, the top has become much broader as compared to his rookie season. "Clubs like Schwaz or Linz have been upgraded properly. Plus, it's hard to classify the performance of Bregenz, West Vienna or Pecs.

Heavyweight handball players on the agenda are heading seven 5
Legionary Ivan Horvat was born in 1992 in Bolzano. GEPA

Especially for John Horvath, visiting Bolzano has a very special meaning. The 25-year-old Croat was born in Bolzano, and the name Horvat has a long tradition in the capital of the province of South Tyrol. Father Nenad was a Legionnaire with Bolzano in the early 1990s and is still a record holder in the South Tyrols with over 1200 goals. Not least because of this, the hard legionary is doing everything to hurt, locking the ISG in the back under surveillance and adjusting by Saturday.

Unlike other clubs, Hard has not made major changes in composition. With the dedication of Tina Poklar, they did however allow the King to transfer the league. The 28-year-old from the space squad last played for the Norwegian champion Elverum and let his qualities already shine through in the preparations and in the Super Cup. He scored 1.90 m in Elverum in three Champions League seasons with more than 100 goals. "We're definitely going to have a lot of fun with it," said Director of Hard Sports Thomas Huemer.

Heavyweight handball players on the agenda are heading seven 6
Veteran Michael Knauth is seeking his 21st title this season. GEPA

For veteran Michael Knautt, the upcoming league season has a special meaning. The 36-year-old is catching the 21st career title. After eleven HLA crowns in Bregenz and Hard jersey, five triumphs in the ÖHB Cup and now four successful Super Cups, Evergreen is still keen on the titles and wants to solidify its status as the most successful handball player.