Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting: So Jen dropped 45 pounds after her pregnancy 2

Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting: So Jen dropped 45 pounds after her pregnancy

For most of her life, Jen had an athletic figure, but when she married in her early 20s, she gained more and more. Never the unwanted bacon baby after the birth of her daughter came out on top.

To hide nearly 110 pounds now, she not only largely avoided looking in the mirror but also being trapped in photographs.

However, on New Year's Eve 2018, she came across a photo that opened her eyes as she later held it in her hands: "After three years of originating my weight, I just realized what I looked like and it didn't fit what I wanted "she says of the portal Today.

36 pounds away by keto diet and interval fasting

As a direct result of her New Year's trauma, today's 30-year-old Jen Wagner and her husband Nathan started a ketogenic diet. This diet with low carbohydrates but high in protein also combined them with interval fasting.

Therefore, they ate all meals only between 12 and 20 hours. In the first 30 days, this also resulted in consuming only 20 grams of net carbohydrates per day and eliminating sugar completely.

Within a month, Jen could already lose six pounds.

In our picture gallery you can find keto appropriate foods with lots of protein:

Preoccupied with success, she stayed on the keto diet for nine more months, losing another 30 pounds.

Only then did she slowly relax her diet, allowing for the addition of more foods that also contained carbohydrates and some fat.

The Jens diet was so slightly more varied and sustainable in the long run.

But she remembers her concerns: "I was completely afraid that I would be able to regain most of the pounds I lost as soon as I allowed carbohydrates in my diet."

Cardio and calorie counting the last 9 pounds

When she was 22 pounds lighter, she dared to train for 30 minutes a day. Tennis, swimming, walking or jogging loved her the most.

"Most of all, I was training in cardio," he recalls, and proudly adds, "Suddenly the first muscles on my body began to appear."

In addition, when she switched to simply counting calories per day instead of a rigorous ketogenic diet, she lost nine more pounds.

A total of 45 pounds of weight loss within a year, Jen did.

However, her skin on her belly did not accelerate with this urge and went down dormant despite training.

"I don't want women to think that loose skin is bad," he says. "All I knew was that it wasn't for me. I wasn't even 30 and didn't want to slip my loose skin into clothes for all eternity."

So she opted for a tummy tuck and OP on rectal diastasis, a muscle pull from the book, which can occur in women after pregnancy.

Jens tips on the path to a leaner character

Jen still sticks to calorie counting to maintain her new weight.

Above all, there are two other tips she gives to anyone who wants to work on her figure for the long term:

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