Miss Fallfest: Where Sabrina Zehrer, 22, is excluded from Rosenheimer Wiesen 2

Miss Fallfest: Where Sabrina Zehrer, 22, is excluded from Rosenheimer Wiesen

Sabrina Zehrer (left) wins the crown after selecting her predecessor for Miss Herbstfest, Regina Schuhmacher. Thomae

Your journal is full. Sabrina Zehrer of Prutting is looking for a woman as Miss Herbstfest in the next two weeks. The time for withdrawal barely remains. The 22-year-old loves moments where she has time alone. For example, in nature and hunting.

Rosenheim – One meeting will be scheduled for another and another will appear for the next. Sabrina Zeher is looking forward to these days – and of course, she will always look perfect. During the week, she takes care of her makeup herself.

Questions for Miss Herbstfest: Sabrina responds on Instagram

But on weekends, there is a very large program: the hairdresser takes care of his hair and makeup. 45 minutes will take such a visit. She covers her hair, her eyes are highlighted with mascara, cochlea and eyeshadow. She's used to seeing a few people look after her, she says.

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That was the time two years ago when she started working for a modeling agency. "I kind of slid inside," he remembers. She was mainly into makeup. Last order was a few months ago.

I can't believe her luck: Sabrina Zehrer after the announcement.

© Thomae

Hobbies: Hiking, skiing and hunting

Currently, her priority is studying. The 22-year-old is studying media and communication management in Munich, dreaming of a career as an online journalist. "I wanted to become a journalist or a lawyer," he says. While at Rosenheim Technical College, she does an internship in both areas, quickly realizing that she is "not good at law." In addition to his studies, he works in a grocery store. She loves working there, she loves communicating with people. If nothing is wrong, he writes homework for the university. "I like to have time for myself," he says.

Heart and Soul: Miss Herbstfest with her younger brother Marc.

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Member of the Rosenheim Hunters Association

In his spare time he goes climbing, skiing or hunting. "In the hunt, they can be completely ruled out." He has a love for hunting from his grandfather. At the age of 17 she followed him for the first time, several years later she made her hunting license and today she is a member of the Rosenheim Hunting Association.


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Despite the semester break, there is currently little time for her hobbies. No wonder. Sabrina Zehrer has a lot in mind. He interviews, participates in video recordings and has numerous meetings with his outfitter. Still, the 22-year-old remains relaxed. "I have a lot of fun, I enjoy every second of it," she says.

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A childhood dream is coming true

Miss Fallfest's choice for her is a childhood dream. As a girl, she visited the autumn festival with her family. She loved Miss Herbstfest even then, always wanting to be like a woman with a crown and a wing. Now she is one of them. And that, even though she never expected to win.

The decision falls to rest

In contrast, she toyed with the idea of ​​signing up for a while. "But I simply always lacked courage." On vacation with her best friends, she finally moves in and petitions. With success. A month later it is clear: Sabrina Zehrer is 2019 Miss Fallfest.

The support was overwhelming. Friends and family were feverish from the beginning, appeared freestyle with balloons and posters. Her boyfriend Tobi helped with his precious words and deeds, attended every event and always sat in the front row.

Assistance from Regina Schuhmacher

Sabrina Zehrer is not excited. She looks forward to the children the most. "Miss Herbstfest is something special to them," she says. There is also no fear of the next 16 days. "Of course I'm wondering what will happen if I don't live up to my expectations."

In those moments, she also has the winner of the previous year, Regina Schuhmacher. They know and talk about their experiences. The shoemaker makes her heir always a courage. And one more thing helps her in these moments: "I just think I may only experience this one time."

After the autumn festival, everyday life begins again. He is starting his fifth semester, working at a paint shop again. And she will also have more time for her hobbies. All that remains is the memory. In his time as Miss Herbstfest in 2019.

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