New from TEOXANE: RHA Themed Skin Enhancer / First Elastic Hyaluronic Acid for Exterior ... 2

New from TEOXANE: RHA Themed Skin Enhancer / First Elastic Hyaluronic Acid for Exterior …

Freising (ots) – anti-wrinkle and beauty treatments like hyaluronans, lasers or scrubs are among the most popular cosmetic treatments in Germany. * (* Surgical Disease Statistics 2017. Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, VDÄPC). Knowing their effect – preventing skin aging, instantly beautifying and effectively anti-aging, their popularity and high patient demand is quickly becoming clear. But despite a little pause and annoying swelling and redness at the treatment sites, the joy of a nice result is a little cloudy at first, but then you want to be "socially acceptable" again as soon as possible. The good news now is that the new RHA topical booster for TEOXANE Laboratories, Switzerland, promises just this: Thanks to a unique, premium combination of active ingredients, the first topical skin booster ensures significantly faster healing after aesthetic treatment. In addition, a specially designed gel reduces redness and provides a comfortable feeling of skin immediately after treatment.

To achieve this, the cross-linked hyaluronic acid RHA developed for the treatment of boron in TEOXANE was first combined with the now 100% concentrated dermo-restructuring complex *. Other active ingredients of this "super-beauty cocktail" for use are free hyaluronic acid and skin energy methylglucoside phosphate. With a high concentration of active ingredients, the new RHA topical skin booster protects the skin, supports and enhances regeneration after aesthetic treatment. It also maintains the quality of rejuvenated skin.

TEOXANE RHA themed skin booster – ingredients and their mode of action:

1. 12.5% ​​RHA Resistant Hyaluronic Acid – Quickly Improves
Regeneration and long-term regeneration by creating a
a protective film that rests as a second skin. 2. Highly concentrated * Dermo restructuring complex into a new one
Formulation: 100 times more concentrated than before – nourishing and
vitalizes the skin and gives an instant glow through a
selected composition:
– 8 amino acids: arginine, glycine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, lysine,
Threonine, proline
– 3 antioxidants: glutathione, alpha fatty acids, N-acetyl-L-cysteine
– 2 minerals: zinc and copper
– Vitamin B6 3. Free hyaluronic acid, obtained by biotechnological process –
strengthens and restores the skin barrier and improves hydration
for fuller and stronger skin. 4. Methylglucoside phosphate, an energy source for the skin –
improves skin density and elasticity. Promotes education
elastin as well as collagen. 0% preservative Most patients in the TEOXANE trial confirmed that the RHA topical skin booster had an immediate effect after the first administration:

– 93%: instant tightening
– 84%: Improved skin quality
– 75%: instantly soothing and refreshing and long-acting:

– 92%: firmer skin
– 91%: Visibly improved skin glow
– 72% optimized and lasting treatment results Each pack contains four ampoules and four sterile pipettes. 4 ml ampoule: the perfect dose for topical treatment of the face, neck and décolletage!

The Swiss company TEOXANE Laboratories specializes in the development and production of 100% hyaluronan injections with its TEOSYAL product line and is one of the world's leading market leaders. The company, which claims to produce "only the best of hyaluronan", has now introduced a product designed specifically for physicians, thus bridging the gap between actual intervention and aftercare, eg concludes Cosmeceuticals TEOXANE.

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