Red and white leaders 2

Red and white leaders

FSV Kettwig and well placed Dennis Paede say goodbye to the top of the table. The Mintard National League had to recognize the class of opponents. The blue and white ladies are confident in the new season.

FSV Duisburg v. DJK Mintard I 3: 1
A league that fought off famous players was still one for the great size of Mintarder. In the first round, a balanced game developed in which both sides largely neutralized each other. That was the standard situation: in the third minute DJK cheered when Sinan Kilincarslan scored from a corner. With only two pointer rotations, the lead was lost, as even Duisburg could use the corner kick. After this reimbursement, it took a long time for the guests to get the opportunity again. It was even very good, but Nick Heppner wasn't focused enough before the break. After one hour, the blue and whites fell behind, with coach Marco Guglielmi making three changes. However, the key point was 1: 3, which lasted about ten minutes. Marco Brings still had a chance, but overall, Mintarder defended too little in the second round. He will be in the first round of Kreispokalas at SC Werden-Heidhausen district division already on Thursday, then in Solingen in VfB on Sunday.

Triple Paede

FSV Kettwig I v SuS Niederbonsfeld 3: 0
Recently, a man turned 36 years old. But Dennis Paede still knows exactly where the opposing goal is. This time the goalie hit three times. With a whistle of pause, FSV catches the away attack and switches to lightning speed. Paede went a long way and hit for the lead. During the second half, coach Slavko Franjić renewed his squad a little, bringing in a promising youngster Jannis Mpalntoumis, among others. A quarter of an hour before the end, Paede returned to the spot after a flawless counterattack and only had to push his skin inside. In his third strike, the center striker inserted a SuS defense and inserted the ball past the keeper into the far corner.
Kettwig must also travel in the circuit of a car. For the first round, go north of Essen to B-Ligist JuSpo Altenessen. Sunday is the time for blutjungen ESG, the first real test for FSV.

Both reserves were overwhelmed

SV Isinger v FSV Kettwig II 5: 0
The ejection from Kreisliga A strengthened the target and was such a simple number too big for the Kettwiger Reserve. It is ironic that now Prussia Eiberg is coming up with another candidate for promotion.

Heisinger SV II vs. DJK Mintard II 7: 1

For relegation, too, they don't seem to be embarrassed in County League B. On the break, DJK was already behind 0-2 and caught another two goals after another whistle. Robert Pobisch contributed to the honorable cause.

DJK Mintard III v SpVgg Steele III 2: 2

Mintard was already behind 0-2. Shortly before the break Daniel Müller managed to cheer, at the time of injury Jens Kempkens equalized.

Great achievements

Mintarder's women worked on form at a training camp in Aachen. After three friendly games, coach Torsten Eichholz was able to draw a satisfied conclusion: “The team trip brought to the realization that girls can provide great performances. In addition, the involvement of former U17 players has made great progress. "It went against Alemannia Aachen's U17 regional team first. The young hosts deservedly took a 2-0 break. In the second half, Mintard set the tone and passed Jule Horn 2, Ikram Buick, Anna Kledtke and Nicole Pietruschka still to victory from 5-2 After a short break, they made their way to the Sportfreunde Hörn II District Division, Anna Kledtke met just before half-time, and shortly after the restart, Luisa Buschmann stabbed the skin from 20 yards into the net, Nicole Pietruschka quickly growing. the blue-and-white Jule Hupe managed to make it 4: 1. On his return, DJK looked past the FSC Mönchengladbach National League, despite heavy legs and very high temperatures again, Mintard took the book from the start with Ikram Buick scoring and Sara Eichholz a well-executed shot into the far corner and Ikram Buick and Lisa Klapdor met in the second round.
Now is the time to prepare for the first championship match at TSV Solingen.

This is how the skin rolls

Thursday, August 29th
18.45: JuSpo Altenessen v FSV Kettwig, Hövelstraße.
7.30pm: SC Werden-Heidhausen v DJK Mintard, Löwental.
Sunday, September 1st
11am: TSV Solingen vs. DJK Mintard Ladies, Neuenkamper Street.
11am: GTSV Food vs. DJK Mintard II, Sachsenring.
11am: SV Kray 04 vs. DJK Mintard III, Schönscheidtstraße.
12.30pm: FSV Kettwig II v. Prussia Eiberg, Ruhrtalstraße.
3:00 pm: ESG 99/06 v FSV Kettwig I, Hubertusburg.
4:15 pm: VfB Solingen vs. DJK Mintard I, Baverter Road.