Should I simply stop taking my antidepressants? 2

Should I simply stop taking my antidepressants?


The study doubts the effectiveness of antidepressants and causes uncertainty. "Pulse" calls alternatives.

Antidepressants are controversial. Especially since the recently published study by the Nordic Cochrane Center, which puts it in the rank of placebo.

Anyone who thinks of a preference for antidepressants should first of all do one thing: not to act on their own authority. Who sets themselves up for withdrawal, risking violent side effects. Instead, it is better to talk to an expert who comes in and discuss possible alternatives.

A little controversial is the use of drugs in acute psychiatry, therefore in severe depression – always in combination with psychotherapy. It differs in much more often mild depression. According to many experts, antidepressants are still given too quickly and too often.

An alternative to antidepressants

Depending on the severity of depression, the following have been proven:

  • Different types of psychotherapy
  • Sports (for example strength training)
  • mindfulness training
  • Tips (aka Psychoeducation)
  • Patience (watchful waiting)

However, it is not so easy to find individually appropriate therapy – and most importantly for recovery.

You can find psychological psychotherapists, for example, at, The link opens in a new window or, The link opens in a new window, medical psychotherapists and psychotherapists on, The link opens in a new window, There are also cantonal registers.

For acute emergencies, you can get help at 143 (or 147 for children and adolescents).

"The big problem is all people who are prescribed medication by a family doctor for episodic stress or very low threshold problems," says ZHAW psychiatrist Michael Hengartner of Zurich. The question here is whether the pill really is the solution.