The best recipe for grilled cheese sandwich 2

The best recipe for grilled cheese sandwich

One of the best grilled cheese sandwich recipes. It is vegetarian, incredibly easy to cook and best of all, it is super tasty. Get the recipe from:

How To Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich At Home – Best Tips And Tricks

1. Which bread makes the best grilled cheese sandwich
Personally, I like to make baked cheese sandwiches with almost stale bread.

Yes, you heard that right!
The heat and the cheese fat will bring stale bread to a perfect texture. So if you have leftover bread that you want to throw away, don't!

Use them to make the best grilled cheese sandwich.

But keep in mind that almost stagnant does not mean a 2 week old stone hard bread, right? Nothing can bring that back to life and I wouldn't want you to grit your teeth ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition to stale bread, you can use any type of white or whole grain bread, sourdough, rye or even homemade.

Just make sure the slices are thin so the cheese can melt easily.

Do not use bread with holes in them, because the cheese will break through and it will melt.

Now that you know which bread makes the best grilled cheese sandwich, let's talk about the main ingredient, cheese.

2. What is the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich
This is my favorite part, not only because it includes melted cheese, but because you can adapt it to every taste. In fact, this is the reason why I think it is one of the best grilled cheese sandwich recipes.

I made it with mozzarella, but if it's not your cup of tea, no worries, you can change it to one of your favorite medium-hard cheeses.

And here are some good ideas: Provolone, Cheddar, Gruyere, Comte, Fontina.

You can also experiment and mix them together. Or you can use any of the above honey cheeses and also add some parmesan or feta.

These two will not melt, so don't add too much, just improve the taste.

And here's a great tip for you vegans. You can do it with vegan mozzarella, which is made with coconut milk. This is a great alternative to plain cheese that does not compromise on taste and texture.

See now why I call it the best grilled cheese sandwich recipe?
Just keep everyone happy.

And there is more …

Let's see what else we can stuff to make this sandwich truly amazing.

3. What about grilled cheese
I know that many people are literally in love with the classic grilled cheese sandwich and nothing I can say will ever change their mind.

And that's okay, we all love it, but if you're a nutritionist who likes to experiment and try new things, the following paragraphs are for you.

In fact, I could write a book about it because there are so many fillings that go perfectly with grilled cheese. But don't worry, I'll make it short … this time ๐Ÿ™‚

I could have added some crunchy bacon or salted beef and it would have been delicious, but I wanted it to be lighter and healthier, so I filled it with lots of grilled vegetables.

Of course, you can change them with your favorites, but be sure to use ingredients that will normally go with a cheese platter.

And here are some good ones: caramelized onions, olive strips, eggplant, figs, pears, chopped nuts.

Or you can leave yourself inspired by the Mediterranean diet and fill it with fresh tomatoes, basil, marinated artichokes, fresh spinach, pesto or pepperoni sauce.

Or just try your favorite vegetable combo, after all, your sandwich rules ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, we know what to fill it with, but how do we make the best grilled cheese sandwich?

Well, let's see …

4. How to prepare the best grilled cheese sandwich

First, use a cast iron grill pan or panini press.

Of course, you can do it in a simple non-stick pan or even on an outside grill, but cast iron pans heat up faster and distribute heat more evenly than others.

This is what makes it the best pan for many types of sandwiches.

Make sure you heat the pan (no matter what type you use) to medium-low to cook the bread at the same rate at which the cheese is melted.

Otherwise, the bread can be easily burned, especially on outside grills.

Ok foodies, now you know how to make grilled cheese sandwich at home so let's see how you do it. Take some photos of him and post them on Instagram using the @theblondelish tag and the hashtag #blondelish.

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