The metal from the tattoo needles remains under the skin 2

The metal from the tattoo needles remains under the skin

Every tenth German has a tattoo (Current issues in
Kluger, 2015
) – and not
rarely do people with tattoos develop a contact allergy (dermatology: Wenzel et al.

Until now, scientists thought it was because of colors containing toxic substances and metals
can. They walk under the skin while tattooed and in lymph nodes. Now researchers have
It has been proven for the first time that metals have worn off needles during tattooing
be (particle
and fiber toxicology:
Schreiver et al., 2019
). Metals, especially
Iron, chromium and nickel are distributed under the skin and in lymph nodes.
Therefore, allergies could be favored, you suspect
Working group scientist at the Federal Bureau of Risk Assessment.

They examined skin and lymph node samples for this study
dead people getting tattooed. They found particles that came out
a mixture of iron, chromium and nickel also existed in the surrounding area
The titanium particles precipitated. Hypothesis: Iron-chromium-nickel particles
come from tattoo needles and are abraded by titanium. titanium
is an extremely tough metal that is in many colors for tattoos. Tattoo needles
There is about six to eight percent nickel, about fifteen to twenty percent
Chrome and steel, mostly made of iron. Especially chrome
and nickel are known to promote contact allergy.

To confirm their hypothesis, the researchers tried to rule it out
that the metal particles came from another source. For that they questioned 50
different tattoo colors on whether they contain chrome and nickel at all.
Result: No metal could be detected in the colors. Also tattooed
they pigskin two different colors, one of which contains titanium and
black without titanium. In the color containing titanium they found
significantly more metal particles under the skin. In addition, the needle was, as in an electron microscope
showed, much worn out.

Colors and their toxic ingredients remain a major problem

In this show, the authors write these particles of tattoo needles
he rubbed it and went under his skin. Ines Schreiver, lead author of the study and presenter
a younger research group tattooing on BfR,
TIME ONLINE said: "I always expected something metal
when the tattooing passes. About that much pus in my skin
but I'm surprised. "

To detect metal particles, researchers used a
X-ray fluorescence analysis. This X-ray based technique allows
allow them to determine the exact composition of skin samples. For the special
gone are the high resolution images, which also show tiny nanoparticles
researchers with their samples in european synchrotron u
Grenoble, where electrons accelerate to barely 850 meters, especially up to
produce intense X-radiation.

Just before
Two years ago, the same research team was able to show these pigments in color
of tattoo ink with its metallic impurities in the lymph nodes
be transported and stay there for years (Nature is scientific
Schreiver et al., 2017
). Colors and their partially toxic
The main ingredients, says Ines Schreiver, are still: "Your
The composition is not properly prescribed. "

However, the study cannot prove a direct link to the development of allergies. This requires greater epidemiological studies.