Tips & Warnings Finally no smoking 2

Tips & Warnings Finally no smoking

Do you want to quit smoking? In the past, smoking was considered cool and many people started doing it because they were friends and family and cigarettes were part of a social gathering. However, today smoking goes out and that it has many negative consequences, everyone is aware. Still, smoking is a strong addiction, and to get away from a glowing stalk requires strong will and one or the other. The tips in this article will help you finally become smoke free.

Smoking stinks, costs money, speeds up old age and can cause various serious health problems. The days when smokers clung to a bold and cool image are long gone. Today, smokers are viewed with compassion. It's time to quit smoking, but it's usually not that simple. After all, it is a strong addiction, for which alkaloid nicotine is mainly responsible, which, in combination with other substances in tobacco smoke, leads to a high dependency potential. If the body is no longer receiving nicotine, withdrawal symptoms, such as poor mood, increased irritability, nervousness and fatigue, which combined with a strong desire for a cigarette, make many smokers sooner or later resort to smoking. But it is worth it to endure, because after a few days the symptoms usually resolve slowly and there are several ways to combat such withdrawal symptoms. Our tips increase the chances of getting rid of annoying smoking and starting a new, healthier life.

Use nicotine substitutes

Seconds after you put on a cigarette, nicotine enters the bloodstream, stimulates various nerve centers in the brain and has a stimulating and relaxing effect. The more cigarettes you consume, the more nicotinic receptors that await your usual dose of alkaloids develop in the brain. This is noticed by the craving for smoking. If the body suddenly no longer receives nicotine, unwanted withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness and irritability will result. To prevent or reduce smoking quotas, nicotine supplements like Nicotine patches. nicotine gum or spray nicotine, It gives the body long for nicotine without the harmful ingredients of cigarette smoke. In addition to nicotine, it contains about 4,800 chemicals, of which about 70, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid and dioxin, are considered harmful to health. You will not be exposed to any of these contaminants that occur when you burn tobacco.

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E-cigarette According to studies, it is a less harmful alternative to a conventional cigarette, since there is also no tobacco smoke here. E-cigarettes are filled with so-called liquid, which, in addition to neutral base solutions, propylene glycol and glycerin contain only flavors and, if desired, nicotine. With some basic knowledge of e-Glimmstängel you can quickly find the best liquid. In addition to a wide selection of liquids for use with all flavors with or without nicotine, there is also the possibility of simply mixing the liquid itself and, for example, gradually reducing the nicotine content.

Set aside time to quit and create pressure to succeed

Make an appointment when you no longer want to smoke and make a clear decision not to smoke a cigarette from that day. Gradual weaning is almost never successful. When choosing a meeting, consider resting as much as possible. Quitting smoking is not best when you are stressed out, especially in your work or in your private life. If you chose Day X, tell your friends and acquaintances about your decision. As a result, you are exposed to a certain amount of pressure to start your project. You can also find a friend or work colleague who wants to quit smoking with you. In this case, you can motivate and support each other.
Be distracted

Distraction is everything, especially during an acute craving for a cigarette, which can last up to five minutes. If you don't feel like you have something in your hand or mouth, use flattery or chewing gum. Enjoying fruit or listening to your favorite music are other ways to survive the minutes of intense desire. Sport is also very helpful: Simple exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and squats, which can be performed at any time without much preparation, will distract the brain from craving for nicotine and also train your body. If you've always wanted to do endurance sports like running and swimming, now's the time to do it. The sport elevates and soothes, reduces the craving for smoke and will improve your stamina every day without a cigarette.

Identify and avoid rituals

First cup of coffee in the morning, waiting at the bus stop, breaks during work or beer after work. There are many moments and situations that have previously been associated with cigarette smoking. Recognize these triggers and avoid such situations as much as possible in quitting smoking. If you enjoyed your first ever cigarette, for example, in your morning cup of coffee, then drink black tea for a while to wake up. You should abstain from alcohol in the early days of smoking cessation, as he is very fond of cigarettes.

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Treat yourself to something!

As a past smoker, you can sing a song: Every year, cigarette prices go up, and smoking is really expensive fun. Think of yourself as a non-smoker how much money you can save in the future and what you can provide. Have you ever smoked a box a day, it comes in a month, even after a year, but together. Tickets for a favorite band concert, dinner with your better half in Italy, or a trip to the holiday are just three suggestions for how you can use the money that has previously gone into the tobacco industry.

Think positive

Success starts in the head, of course it also relates to smoking cessation. When the craving for a cigarette becomes apparent, consciously refocus your thoughts on something else. For example, consider the last night of love with your sweet, happy holiday time or your favorite meal. Positive suggestions and visualizations can also be helpful. Imagine thinking and feeling how you would feel with your fit, healthier and more attractive cigarette-free room.

Avoid smoking areas

At first, avoid places and situations that lead to smoking, such as pubs or clubs. Also, be sure to make arrangements with non-smokers during the first quitting period so that you are not tempted to resort to distress.

Seek support

Together, it's a lot easier to quit smoking. Go to group meetings with like-minded people or seek the advice and support of the Federal Center for Health Education.

Advantages as a non-smoker

With a firm intention to stop smoking and to follow our advice, you stand a good chance of finally getting rid of cigarettes. In addition, if you need an extra dose of motivation, here are some key benefits of smoking cessation.

Stop smoking …

… reduces the risk of many diseases such as lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, impotence, hypertension and more. More than 300 people die from smoking every day in Germany.
… increases the ability to hold your own teeth. Because smoking favors tooth loss.
… improves fertility.
… reduces circulation problems.
… increases the condition and reduces breathing problems.
… leads to a more beautiful complexion.
… enhances taste and aroma.
… makes your hands and teeth look better, since unnatural tar deposits are a thing of the past.
… reduces the stress caused by smoking by giving up the urge to get addicted, getting cigarettes, etc.
… guarantees that one smells better and is therefore more attractive to the other sex.
… protects your wallet en masse.
… increases life expectancy by up to 16 years.