Walk instead of breaking through 2

Walk instead of breaking through

Large numbers of customers shortly before closing, controversial contemporaries and rude suppliers are typical stressful moments in everyday retail. But not only is the psyche burdened, but in musculoskeletal disorders, retail employees are above average. Because for many years, satisfying all the stimulus trade segments about the zoo's fashion needs. And when shelves and warehouses come in addition to tilting and stretching, weight lifting is added as a discipline.

In addition, sellers have little chance of retiring: they are in constant control and always have to be ready for their customers. If there are breaks, they are rarely comfortable. Yet, only a few trade leaders are involved in physical and mental health to keep their team fit and in good spirits. Healthcare Professional Management (WHM) seems, from their point of view, solely for corporations.

Skolawork, which has been involved in BGM issues for 30 years, Königswinter, has evaluated health activities in more than 800 companies from various industries. Only 32.5 percent of retailers offer health promotion measures, and there are still 38.3 percent in all sectors. A look at company sizes shows that smaller companies in particular have not yet discovered employee health as a topic. Due to companies with fewer than 100 employees, only 26.7 percent promote health. Small sales teams can hardly replace sick employees because, due to a lack of staff, work can only be reallocated to the remaining colleagues with a large additional burden.

The first steps to a healthier business are clear. What topics do employees employ? What can be renewed or organized differently? Is sports a goal? On-site health counselors offer free workplace health promotion (BGF), and offer online courses and seminars. Some funds even award bonuses to their members: for example, IKK, which invests 500 euros for employers if at least three employees are insured by IKK and the agreed measures are completed.

Employee bonus is 100 euros. It may be worthwhile to apply for BGF health insurance, in which most employees are insured. Health actions become a win-win situation for employers and employees when satisfied employees are less likely to become physically fit. Perhaps the usual flu shot in the fall will be the start of a healthier working life.

Employee tax allowance

If entrepreneurs reduce the health risk of their employees or prevent illness, they can spend up to € 500 per employee without being credited to employees as a reward.

Prevention must be work-related and identify the provider. The fitness studio around the corner is as fast as a massage institute.

As a rule, health insurance companies offer free prevention tips at the company and develop an employee-friendly program. A body adapted to lifting and eating healthy in the workplace alters behavior, better lighting conditions and less in-store noise have a positive effect on the work environment.

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