Weight loss - only if the hose plays together 2

Weight loss – only if the hose plays together

In lecture 18/09/2019. Mage. Johannes Blamauer, MSc, informs on the connection between intestinal flora and overweight, as well as their association with metabolic diseases.

Vienna (OTS) According to the WHO, about 2 billion adults are overweight and the number of patients is growing. Reasons for this can be anchored in the gut flora. Therefore, supporting healthy bowel function can be crucial for losing weight. As part of Belly Academy, Ph.D. Johannes Blamauer, gave an exciting talk on "100 Billion Weight Loss Helper."

Given the rise in the world of overweight in the world, weight loss plays an important role as a measure of health promotion. After all, 650 million of the 1.9 billion overweight people even suffer from obesity.1

Diet and exercise are considered key to sustainable weight loss. However, the study also shows an association between intestinal flora and obesity and a connection with metabolic diseases. Recent research and research even postulates an association between gut bacteria and brain immune defenses.2

The composition of the intestinal flora of obese and lean people usually varies significantly. In addition, type 2 diabetics often show impaired bowel barrier function. Therefore, a radical change in lifestyle is often not enough to lose weight. Strengthening the intestinal barrier using specially designed multiple types of probiotic can greatly help to improve various factors of metabolic disorders.

In the lecture "100 billion` weight loss aids" dr. Sc. You will learn from Johannes Blamauer, a medical scientist at the AllergoSan Institute, about intestinal health and improving metabolic disorders within the gut academy.

100 billion helpers to lose weight
written by mag. Johannes Blamauer
on Wednesday, 18.09.2019
at 18:30
at the Austrian Golden Cross Society
Kärntner Straße 26 / entrance Marco-d & # 39; Aviano-Gasse 1, 1010 Wien

Admission is free – Apply by (01) 996 80 92 by e-mail to the company@oeggk.at or directly through the website: www.oeggk.at/veranstaltungen

From 6 pm and after the presentation, we also offer the opportunity to be individually consulted on the subject on the spot.

The lecture is held within the program "Gut Sensation Academy" a free gut lecture series, organized by the Austrian Golden Cross Society in collaboration with the AllergoSan Institute.

Austrian Golden Cross Society (ÖGGK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the implementation of health promotion activities. From the holistic point of view, ÖGGK Health offers activities for the body, mind and soul to all interested people: a series of lectures on health, exercise programs and cultural events. Members also enjoy a number of attractive benefits.

AllergoSan Institute has been engaged in bowel health for over 25 years. Thanks to intensive cooperation with world-renowned researchers of medicine, biology, pharmacy and biochemistry, it was possible to establish an internationally renowned research and competence center in the field of germs and gut in Graz.

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Weight loss – only if the hose plays together

Admission is free – Apply by (01) 996 80 92 by e-mail to the company@oeggk.at or directly through the website: www.oeggk.at/veranstaltungen

Date: 09/18/2019, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

place: Austrian Golden Cross Society, entry Marco-d & # 39; Aviano-Gasse 1
Kärntner Street 26/3, 1010 Vienna, Austria

URL: https://www.oeggk.at/veranstaltungen/

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