What is the speed with regard to Intervall fast? 2

What is the speed with regard to Intervall fast?

Doctors, 08/27/2019

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"Intervall fasting is an effective method of weight loss and has positive health effects" – is the result of a recent study. But it's not that easy.

By Anne Bäurle


Post with a look at the clock: What to eat – There are no rules in Intervallfast. But you have to take longer breaks between them.

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NEW Isenburg. Interstate fasting has a positive effect on weight and certain metabolic parameters, which are linked, among other things, to a longer life span, researchers from the University of Graz said. In addition, alternating fasting for several months does not seem to have any negative effects (cellular metabolism 2019; 30: 1-14).

In his study, Dr. Slaven Stekovic and his team as the four-week interval gained weight, calorie intake and cardiovascular parameters. 60 healthy and normal subjects did not take food for 36 hours and could eat as much as they wanted for the next 12 hours. This cycle was maintained for a consecutive four weeks. There were no dietary restrictions in the control group.

To ensure that fasting participants did not really eat at 36 hours, scientists used a sensor to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels. In addition, subjects kept a food diary and their blood count was recorded both days and after fasting.

On average, 37% fewer calories were consumed by study participants
after fasting alternately for four weeks.

The fasting subjects were able to reduce their calorie intake by 37 percent. They lost an average of 3.5 pounds and their BMI dropped 1.23 kg / m2 Interestingly, the control group reduced calorie intake by 8 percent, ”the authors note.

Good for the heart

Interstitial fasting also had a beneficial effect on physiological and cardiovascular parameters: the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood increased, which is associated with preventive health effects.

Concentration remained high even during the period during which participants could eat as much as they wished. After four weeks of alternating fasting, the concentration of β-hydroxybutyrate has also increased, for which cardioprotective and anti-age effects have been recently demonstrated, researchers said.

Stekovic and colleagues found no negative effects, bone mass was not reduced during fasting, and bone density was only slightly reduced. Such adverse effects have been reported in previous studies.

What are the long-term effects?

In another study, researchers analyzed the long-term effects of interval fattening. They collected data from 30 subjects who had fasted more than six months before the study began. Their data were also compared with the data of subjects who were fed without restriction.

Here, the scientists in the group who fasted had a lower concentration of cholesterol, LDL, VLDL and triglycerides compared to the control group. Also, the amount of sICAM1 was a smaller biomarker of age- and inflammation-related diseases. For Stekovic and his team, interval fasting is a measure "that may be relevant to weight loss in the clinic."

However, the study only compared the effects of AC fasting with the normal dietary control group. Whether it is the result of Intervallfast's positive effect or a mere reduction in calories remains unclear.

"There was a lack of direct comparison to conventional calorie reduction, so no statements can be made as to whether the fasting interval is better than conventional calorie reduction methods," said Dr. Sc. Tilman Kühn from the German Center for Cancer Research (DKFZ) at the request of the Scientific Media Center. There was a lack of reliable data as to whether fasting could actually be used for therapy.

  • What is the speed with regard to Intervall fast? 3
  • What is the speed with regard to Intervall fast? 4
What is the speed with regard to Intervall fast? 7

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