With llama to yoga 2

With llama to yoga

Walking with fluttering animals is a new trend of stress. In the upper Bavarian city of Eurasburg, you can now combine them with an Indian sport that feels good

Maria Leicht gets ready to put her yoga mat on her shoulder, sounds again: the "Öhhhh" chatter. It comes from sapphire, which pulls its own circle just a few feet away. Relaxation mantras on the lake do not seem to interest black llamas. Instead, what goes on behind the trees. Maybe a deer? Or a fox? Nervously, the animal runs around the ropes, twitching with banana-shaped ears. His babbling becomes the consistent sound of this yoga class.

Welcome to "Lamasté", a fusion of Lamas and yoga. To try the animal's version of relaxation, Maria Leicht went with two friends and a small train to Eurasburg. Plan: First run a llama gassi, then roll out the yoga mats on the lake and make the llama itself. Three relaxation-hungry biplanes plus three simply hungry "much-wanted" cohorts – can it work?

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An hour and a half earlier at Lamahof in Königsdorfer Straße. Just after eight in the morning, the fog still looms over Eurasburg – and yoga stretches over the later nervous sapphire, followers of Lamorik and alpha-Lama Samayawi. "They don't spit on people," confirms Lama tamer Oliver Wahl, 46. Then, with some hesitation, Ingrid Schuh, 27, Maria Leicht, 27, and Kerstin Preda, 40, each take on a fluffy gentleman on a lead rope. In a group with yoga instructor Michael Griesmann and Lama's parents, in the next hour, it was time to head out to the lake to test out the latest trending business with trendy little animals – because simple yoga was yesterday.

Art Acrooga, Hot Bikram Yoga, Meditative Hatha Yoga – Maria Leicht has already tested several forms of great yoga palette. When she learned of a new format from her yoga teacher Griesmann, she wanted to "try something new" – and packed up her two girlfriends. The three of them paid 69 euros in three hours. The goal: get down, find compensation, be in nature.

Together he walks down the street toward the pond. This quickly becomes clear: Yvonne and Oliver Wahl can spend hours talking about their lamas. Easy to learn, Preda and Schuh: Llamas are flocks and flying animals, they can be recognized in the mirror, temperatures between minus 15 and 25 degrees plus endure well, and when compared to horses, they are easily maintained in stance. Sometimes a certain attitude is needed to bring animals to their destination.

With llama to yoga 3

Before yoga is hiking.

(Photo by Hartmut Pöstges)

"Come," Ingrid Schuh says, clapping Saphira. He stopped, his fluttering ears turned in the direction of the apple. At another point, he goes downhill abruptly, Oliver Wahl having to face a 150-pound Lama with his arms outstretched. Otherwise, the animals suffer along with long lashes and swinging gear sparingly beside the hiker and letting the yoga stretch.

The owners of the llama have been proud of the election for six years. With their now ten-headed herd, they go to Karwendel, to exhibitions and sometimes to a polling station or supermarket. Not with a dog and not on a horse. Because, according to Yvonne Wahl, llamas are warm, balanced, "real people making character." They also arrive in a clientele in search of balance: Lamas is fully in the spirit of the times, the mountains with them now seem to be offered everywhere. Choices also offer sponsorships, but their "Lamasté" is a new, neighborhood product with yoga teacher Griesmann.

Arriving at the lake, she introduces the mantra to the classic yoga posture. As Sapphire, Lamorik and Samayawi lower their blurry heads behind her after breakfast with hay, women lower their arms and hands. Close your eyes, let your breath flow, consciously perceive sounds. There is a car here, there is a fish jumping, there is a llama. The latter have apparently faded a long time ago: intentionally and spiritually dedicated to the pelvis, shoulders and wrists – as if squirrels were trumpeting as the most natural part of their cosmos.

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It consists of psychology (light), control (footwear) and occupational therapy (Preda) among women during the week. All the work you have to do with people and keep track of them. Llamas, on the other hand, with big eyes, fluttering banana ears, sweet pouting and short legs, poured out in the form of childish patterns, like your favorite whispering whispers – and thus offer the potential for carefree hours away from the increasingly confused world.

Lightweight, Preda and Schuh are now easy too. Back at the llama courtyard, three women hug among the llama. "He was rubbing up on me," says initiator Leicht, and lovingly drives one of the animals through the fluttering fur. She later drops for a pair of llama fur earrings, which sell choices, among other things. For 23 euros, there is a preserved Lama feel
to go – Earrings so fluttering that you can almost hear the llama fade again.

More information at www.rio-lamas.com