Wölbitsch: Sports policy in Vienna must again be seriously implemented 2

Wölbitsch: Sports policy in Vienna must again be seriously implemented

New People's Party of Vienna criticizes lack of red-green ambitions in mass sports – hackers and Ludwig demanded

Vienna (OTS) "Vienna is not a city of sport as it should be and should be a metropolis in Europe. SPÖ City Councilman Peter Hacker has once again confirmed with his statements on civic sport in Vienna that the red-green city government has been treating amateur sport like a stepmother for years," said City Councilman Markus Wölbitsch in response to today's media coverage. "Sport is a great fit for agglomeration like Vienna. This is on the one hand prevention of health, but also integration and community experience," Wölbitsch continued.

Recently, a new Viennese People's Party, together with Dagmar Schmidt, president of Sportunion Wien, and author and trainer Wilhelm Lilge, introduced a package of measures to promote mass sport in Vienna. "We demand better infrastructure, better facilities and more support for the broad sport in Vienna," explains Markus Wölbitsch.

The requirements are aimed at strengthening the sport of sport in Vienna and making it even more attractive, especially for children and young people. Vienna needs additional training and competition halls, the construction of a modern swimming center and more initiative by the city government to redesign the Prater Stadium. The new People's Party of Vienna calls for the introduction of a sports coupon for children and a new concept for a sports facility for better use of leased sports areas. In addition, new regulation of the funding landscape was called for, facilitating clubs by abolishing the Sportgroschens and improving professional and umbrella organizations. "So that Vienna can become the number one sport city, the backbone, therefore a mass sport, must be supported and promoted accordingly. This is where hackers and Mayor Ludwig are sought," concludes City Councilman Markus Wölbitsch.

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