All about health: JobCenter Essen meets around 13,000 guests at 2nd Essen ... 2

All about health: JobCenter Essen meets around 13,000 guests at 2nd Essen …

JobCenter Essen is pleased with the successful 2nd Essener Gesundheitstag in Grugapark and audience praise.

About 13,000 guests attended the day of the open action on August 27 and were not distracted by temperatures over 30 degrees from participating in tasting courses and workshops, such as at Back Fit, Zumba or Thai Chi. Nearly 60 booths provided JobCenter information with many healthcare partners and the city of Essen on the positive effects of a balanced lifestyle with exercise, relaxation and healthy eating. Background: Many JobCenter clients have health restrictions that adversely affect their daily lives and starting a business. For many years, JobCenter Essen has focused on preventing, improving and stabilizing the health of its customers.

JobCenter employees also used Health Day Offers as a measure of occupational health management and socializing with customers. There was plenty of on-stage experience for all guests with hands-on offers, sports demonstrations and music throughout the day. Featured guests included Borbecker heavyweight boxer Patrick Korte and RWE players Robin Heller and Cedric Harenbrock. The called JobCenter had an entire family. So, both children and adolescents were delighted to visit health and play stations, practice tooth brushing with a toothbrush, wave a bungee with a trampoline, or test their firing power on a shooting object.

Social and Health Commissioner Peter Renzel was happy with the successful day of the action: "They will definitely find a sequel – not next year, but maybe every two years."

Mayor Thomas Kufen opens JobCenter Health Day.
One of the presentations at JobCenter Health Day was a gymnastics group.

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