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Anti-stress Pure Encapsulations®

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The focus is on a new Thematic Encapsulation themed shop® are micronutrients that drive pharmacy customers through stressful times. Selected products can be recommended in counseling on stress-related topics to support concentration, energy metabolism and sleep quality. With the anti-stress effect of Clean Capsules® Pharmacies by the end of the first of October Price advantage from minus 25% shopping and fitting a free sample product for your customers.

At the heart of the new campaign is a combination of stress-relieving nutrients from Pure Encapsulation®, Based on well-established scientific data, the product has been developed specifically for people who want to stay focused in the busy stages. To this end, Anti-Stress combines selected vitamins and trace elements with the amino acid L-tyrosine, magnesium and valuable herbal substances taiga root and resveratrol. Taiga root extract originates from Eleutherococcus senticosus and is grown in China, while Resveratrol originates from the root of the Japanese leg, and is also grown in China. All Herbal Extracts, Pure Encapsulations® used in their product range have been standardized and rigorously tested for a wide range of residues – for example, about 70 different crop protection products have been tested. This ensures that the products do not contain pesticide residues. Resveratrol was further tested for PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Only when raw materials pass these comprehensive tests are they put into use.

Also these products from Pure Encapsulations® are part of the current action:
Sleep formula, Energy Xtra, L-lysine, L-lysine plus, magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate. There is an appropriate free sample for all these products for pharmacy users.

Supports stress-free sales

Interested pharmacists can conduct anti-stress action directly in the new department on Pure Encapsulations® Order a website with just a few clicks. There are also free promotional materials to further support sales, such as attention-grabbing Deckpack or shelf items. To provide end-users with comprehensive information about a micronutrient robber, the topic has been highlighted on the Healthy Life blog as well as on brand-specific social media channels from different perspectives. These pharmacy facilities can also be shared on their own platforms with their customers.

Clean capsules®: Understanding quality

  • Scientifically based nutrient preparations
  • Certified raw materials and consistent purity tests
  • Standardized content of value-determining ingredients
  • Ideal bioavailability and maximum compatibility
  • Comprehensive external quality control
  • Highest quality standards and independent certifications

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