Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in fresh herbs 2

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in fresh herbs

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in fresh herbs 3

Source: Pixabay / nadya_il


A sample of consumer magazine "Balance" shows: Packed fresh herbs are prone to mold. Some even contained antibiotic-resistant microbes. Only 6 of 39 products showed good results.

Basil, chard or parsley: Plastic herbs wrapped in plastic are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. That is why the consumer magazine "Balance" in the laboratory microbiologically tested different herbs. Almost all came from Switzerland.

6 tested products received good rating, 24 insufficient, 9 even bad. In three packages containing Swiss herbs, experts also found antibiotic-resistant ESBL bacteria: chopped Migros & Anna's Best parsley, Coop's Qualité & Prix parsley, and Coop's Naturaplan Betty Bossy Bio ".

ESBL bacteria cause problems especially in hospitals. In extreme cases, they can cause infection in debilitated people who can no longer be treated with antibiotics and end up deadly.

The results of the "balance" pattern are in line with the results of a recent study by the German Federal Research Center for Crops. This assumes that the bacteria come from fattening animals, where antibiotics in the barn are sometimes used in sharp quantities. The germs can then flow through the excreta of the animals into the water and so on into the plants that overflow with it.