BioCharger NG Health and Wellbeing, San Diego | Does BioCharger Work? 2

BioCharger NG Health and Wellbeing, San Diego | Does BioCharger Work?

★★★★★ Review of BioCharger NG- The world's most advanced subtle energy platform. Significantly improve ALL areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional well-being and much more!

There are over 300 programs (recipes) that help improve energy, mood, flexibility of joints, pain, Lyme disease, as well as mental clarity, creativity, focus and more.

As the website says:
Flexibility is a key component of good physical health and injury prevention. Yoga, stretching and other exercises all contribute to increased flexibility. BioCharger NG bathes you with subtle energies that can stimulate and energize your entire body and mind.
Balancing your mind and body is essential to living a happy and energetic life. BioCharger ™ has the power to bring your body to cell level.
Energy is a key ingredient in giving 100% on a daily basis. BioCharger ™ will bring your body to life at peak levels and bounce you out of bed.
Finding peace means aligning your mind and body. The BioCharger ™ Revitalization Platform will promote this alignment at the cellular level. One session is all you need to bring your body and mind together.
Gaining just a little clarity during the day can give you the edge to reach your goals enthusiastically. BioCharger ™ helps balance your mind and body to allow you to work effectively.
Sleep is an essential component of recovery, attitude, well-being and happiness. BioCharger ™ delivers healing energy waves that will align your mind and body so that you are ready to face the day in the morning and be ready for bed at night. "