Chrissy Teigen wants to be in the cup after a painfully upset stomach …

What do doctors often say? Finish your recipe, even if you feel a little better. Chrissy Teigen was floating because of her excruciating stomach, where she stopped taking the prescribed medication because she was feeling better and has now returned to the top spot.

Chrissy, who is married to co-author John Legend, has posted an update on her current Chrissy-style health issues.

"In … week 6 of the stomach virus. The antibiotics stopped early because I started getting better. I'm stupid. I just needed to get angry in the damn cup. If your doctor tells you to drink a glass, do it. Don't be too proud." Stop taking medicine. Pop in a cup, "the model and boss complained on Twitter.

Fans quickly jumped into TL with their tips and bad jokes.

"I'm more concerned that you have been prescribed antibiotics for the virus," the fan wrote.

While another said, “Do not stop taking antibiotics early! Any nurse will tell you this, usually without asking.

As a shocked fan of Chrissy tweeted, "You quit antibiotics early? Come on. That's how we get extremely resistant bugs!"

Meanwhile, Chrissy recently announced that she has dropped her own chat show.

The 33-year-old model and author was approached by NBC directors for hosting a talk show late at night. However, she turned down the offer and the gig went to creative Lilly Singh, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The release gave no reason why Chrissy refused to perform, but the star currently works as a jury for the comedy series Bring The Funny.

The star, who has children like Luna and Miles, also hosts Lip Sync Battle.

She previously told Kenan Thompson and Jeff Foxworthy about their work at Bring The Funny, "I want to say I'm Kelly Clarkson, I have good reviews, but at the end of the day, I'm a good guy and I'm really a person, they want people to do good. and as soon as I go out I look for them and it's amazing that they worked for us and for America to do all this and automatically get points, and then I hear Jeff and Kenan bring forth incredible, amazing and hopeful things. "

In March, meanwhile, it was announced that Lilly had been given the freedom to design the format for Little Littlete with Lilly Singh, a 30-minute show that will begin in September on the network slot of 1:35 p.m.

Lilly's appearance makes her the only talk show host on the women's network, and she admits she's nervous about being responsible.

She told THR: "There's a small part of me that reads like this: 'Is everyone going to like this? "It's obviously a fear, but I'll do what I've always done. It's something that I think is good and it's authentic for me, which has led me to my success so far."