Debate without migrants 2

Debate without migrants

One year of Chemnitz riots

East and West are in couples therapy – this is only noticeable in Chemnitz. Only migrants have not yet been invited to speak.

Protesters put a peace sign on candles

How closed is the circle of those who determine the discourse in Germany Photo: dpa

The Republic has been sitting on the couch again for months: Germany East and Germany West are on couples therapy. After thirty years it feels like a forced marriage. Symptoms of Living Alone: ​​East Germans just don't want to vote the way West Germans like.

Apart from the couple themselves, hardly anyone is interested in the subject. There are no migrants to the country and the world community is not. But East and West Germans tirelessly grumble in their insults. "Work" is the name of behavior in this country. mirrorThe title with "So Isser, Ossi" is already the next re-traumatization. "It doesn't work" because it means so much here.

For some migrants, one would mirrorThe title, which has been wanting to deal with their "identity" for a while, is a pleasure. Most people no longer need to leave migrant stereotypes behind. One is glad if one is not portrayed as criminally or educationally disabled. No more analysis.

The East and West Germans, on the other hand, depict each other's deaths. Voter changes in the East? No, what? Send a reporter now! Everyone talks about poor infrastructure in the East.

A decade of butt

For most of my German life I have not been on such modern lines as in Leipzig, Dresden and Weimar. In the west, these used things are being driven, in which one volunteers in the summer, because seat cushions have been foreign rats for decades. Not everything else is in the East. Just as there are infrastructure hell in the west.

However, the therapy of the East and West couples became untold this week, around the topic of Chemnitz. Finally, there is evidence: right-wing extremists have arranged talks to "chase" migrants. Let's hear and wonder: Neither the other Ossis nor the other Wessis wanted to hunt them, but those who call right-wing extremists a stranger because they do not look like right-wing extremists imagine the Germans.

Just one year later, chats are available. Why? Is this acceptable in all the maneuvering possibilities now won by the security agencies? Some well-known right-wing extremists agree with the Kanacken box, with the public waiting a year for evidence?

Now there should be interviews, reports and covers with People of Color: How do you live in this country where, despite NSU and the promised improvement, you still can't walk down the street safely? Whether it's east or west – NSU also killed Nuremberg and Cologne.

But what's going on? It is debated whether "hunting" really means "hunting." Left-liberal Germans (of course, say "hunt") and right-German (of course, "hunt" say).

Only one person is no longer questioned, as if there was some kind of law that reads: Affected persons are not questioned as being part of a migrant minority. Diversity threatens cohesion. No joke.

Ignorance is commonplace in Germany

In Germany, it takes Amazon two weeks to get noticed. Iran's nuclear bomb talks are as good as they are; Ignorance is everyday, especially for international topics. The Honorable is convulsively discussing identity, culture and cohesion. And yet you only do land blind spots on this scale. The future cannot be shaped by discussions only about East and West.

Today's and tomorrow's "German Mi" is not east-west, left-liberal and right-wing citizen.

Migrants are not silent victims. They are not objects that left or right Germans without a migration background can profile. Left-liberals are well-meaning to minorities, but as part of the bourgeois elite, which – if you're honest – rarely trades with migrants on an equal footing. Meanwhile, right-wing citizens abuse immigrants to present themselves as saviors of the "people."

They both fail equally because they continue to pretend to be "the people."

East and West should now end their couples therapy and dedicate themselves to the present. Don't bite her. Migrants do not bite either. While an old German couple analyzes drunks on their own, dozens of immigrants re-fill badly-paid holes in the German job market – they just hear and read almost nothing.

Jagoda Marinic on Twitter is @jagodamarinic