Debunked by Science Myths 2

Debunked by Science Myths

Myths with intermittent fasting

Learn how to periodically fast

If you are looking to start periodic weight loss, you may have heard some myths that need to be clarified.

Many people have the misconception that fasting is bad for you because they have been conditioned to eat throughout the day, but studies show that fasting has many benefits that will make you lose weight and improve your health.

Myth # 1 with periodic fasting

Fasting will feed through the muscle. FALSE.

Our bodies store energy in two forms.

Glycogen and fat.

The whole purpose of periodic fasting is to deplete your glycogen stores to get into stored fat.

This leads to fat burning and weight loss. Because you eat daily, NEVER eat your muscles

Myth # 2 with intermittent fasting

Fasting will slow down your metabolism.

Exactly the opposite. Fasting increases adrenaline in your body, which in turn speeds up your metabolism.

People who experience a decrease in their metabolism are those who switch to extremely low-calorie diets.

This reduces leptin, which is the hormone responsible for your energy levels and metabolism.

Fasting only raises your adrenaline, so there is no reason for it to slow down your metabolism.

Myth with intermittent hunger # 3

Fasting causes low blood sugar. No.

Your body has the ability to produce its own sugar.

When glycogen stores are depleted, your body will generate fat from the fat cells through a process called gluconeogenesis.

Your body is smart and can regulate blood levels through this process.

An exception to this is diabetics who may need medication to control their blood sugar levels.


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