Incredibly! Mayor in court after banning pesticide use ... 2

Incredibly! Mayor in court after banning pesticide use …

Incredibly! Mayor in court after banning pesticide use ... 3

If the mayor wants to protect his citizens and ban pesticides, then that should be obvious. But the fact that the mayor ends up in court is unheard of. Recently, EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis announced that a complete ban on glyphosate violates EU legislation. Meaning: The state cannot unanimously ban glyphosate. But why wouldn’t the mayor make his town without pesticides? This has happened in France right now, with a terrifying judgment before a court. Did you know that BayerMonsant G7 opponents in Biarritz clearly angered their anger at the corporation? Also, it has not been reported. People in France are outraged because no mayor in the northwest of France can protect their citizens from pesticides by banning them. France is in favor of banning glyphosate across the EU as consumers are increasingly concerned about the health impact it has. In France, parents are concerned that France is one of the countries where a lot of pesticides are used. It is in these parts that more and more babies are born without arms and hands. In the past two years, dozens of mayors have banned pesticides. It is not immediately clear how many are being sued about this. Incredible, isn't it?

Incredibly! Mayor in court after banning pesticide use

The mayor in the northwest of France had to go to court on Thursday 22 August 2019 after barring the use of pesticides near homes in his village. This is a symbol of increased resistance to chemical pollution in rural areas. On Tuesday, August 27, 2019 the shocking judgment of the Rennes Administrative Court. By decree of Mayor Langouet (Ille-et-Vilaine), he was suspended. Mayor Daniel Cueff visibly angered reporters and announced an appeal against the ruling.

"It's legitimate for the mayor to take action if the state is incapacitated," said Mayor Daniel Cueff.

There have already been protests during the protests after it became known that Mayor Daniel Cueff was appearing in court for his ban on pesticides.

At the same time, the G7 summit was held in Biarritz, southern France. Here, President Macron proved himself to be an environmentalist and immediately put climate protection on the agenda. But at the same time, the mayor had to appear before the Administrative Court in Rennes, advocating for his citizens and the environment.

For 20 years, the mayor in his region has been committed to protecting the environment and implementing environmental plans. In 2004, he even opened an organic quality school canteen: everything that is offered there to students does not have to be organic and pesticide free.

On August 23, 2019, French climate activists blocked the pesticide plant Monsanto.

About six associations, including the farmers' association, participated in the protest. In front of the factory door, BayerMonsant's opponents brought a banner with the inscription " Your profit = our cancer "On. They want to draw attention to the Bayer Group and its "creepy"Structure. " On the one hand, BayerMonsanto is poisoning consumers, especially farmers. "Bayer, on the other hand, is selling us medicines. We can no longer dwell on this disease spiral: we must ban glyphosate," the organizations say. Afterwards, they participated in a protest at the G7 summit, attended by many opponents of BayerMonsanto, because multinational corporations are real the winners of the G7 summit, it is incomprehensible why pesticides are not banned if proven to be harmful to health.

French Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume also made clear what he thought of glyphosate and announced that France would stop using glyphosate. In addition, France plans to reduce its use of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. Already in January 2019, a court in France withdrew the approval of Bayer weed killer Roundup Pro 360. A herbicide containing glyphosate from the Monsanto / Bayer group, mainly used in viticulture.

Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume even recommends organic and biodynamic agriculture and urges producers to return to the forgotten farming methods used by their grandparents

But the mayor of Langouet has no use for it, and his order banning pesticides within 150 meters of houses was overturned by the court on August 27, 2019.

At the G7 summit, President Macron was also questioned in the case of Daniel Cueff, Mayor of Ille-et-Vilaine. His response was that France would deal with the ban on pesticides, but until there was only one.

Meanwhile, 20 more mayors, who have passed similar ordinances, must now appear in court.

On Thursday, August 22, 2019, many people accompanied Daniel Cueff, Mayor of Ille-et-Vilaine, at his trial before the Administrative Court in Rennes. However, the publication of the judgment was postponed until after the completion of the G7.

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Daniel Cueff, mayor of Ille-et-Vilaine, denies the state's double standard

"First, President Macron comes to my side and says there will be new laws soon. On the other hand, I have to go to court and he will be sued precisely for protecting my citizens," the mayor said after the ruling. He was disappointed and will regret it.

He makes his city virtually pesticide-free as mayor and ends up in court, incredible.

France: Mayor of Antipesticides Disabled by Justice

Ever since the Pesticide Regulation was passed in May, it has been leading the fight against pesticides. But Mayor Langouët was suspended by a Rennes court judge on Tuesday.

In his order, Judge Pierre Vennéguès refers to "an objection alleging Mayor Langouët's inability to regulate the use of plant protection products in the territory of his municipality," which "could create serious doubt about the legality of the 'order at issue.'

The pesticide ordinance passed on May 18, Langouët (Ille-et-Vilaine) Mayor Daniel Cueff banned the use of plant protection products and was suspended on Tuesday, August 26. He banned the use of these pesticides "At a distance of less than 150 meters from any cadastral parcel involving a building for residential or professional use."

The Prefecture requested the suspension of this interim order on the grounds that it might be competent to take measures concerning the use of phytosanitary products, including on behalf of the precautionary principle, a power reserved for the State.

The Mayor of Langouët expressed his intention to appeal against this decision by the judge for temporary relief and

Support messages

Béatrice de François, Mayor of Parempuyre, in the Bordeaux metropolis, has thus "declared" plant protection products "within 100 meters of any apartment or public area."

Like Daniel Cueff and Béatrice de François, twenty other local elected officials have banned the use of pesticides in their community.

Thousands of messages of support. "Many mayors are questioning their residents, and we said, 'Moving the lines, to protect the residents, it may take a little disrespect,'" said Mayor Langouët, you want to find a solution, "he added.

On August 22, during a debate, the mayor advocated "a pesticide on a parcel that remains cultivated with less hazardous products."

"Mobilize to change the law"

Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he supported "in his intentions" the Breton mayor. "There are laws, they (the prefect) have to enforce them, so I will always be behind law enforcement prefects," the head of state pleaded, saying the solution was not to take a decree that was not in line with the law "but to mobilize to change the law." .

In this regard, the French president wanted to "move beyond the scope of the pesticide application", highlighting the "public health implications".

Ecological Transition Minister Elisabeth Borne said on Tuesday, in France, that she shared "the utter concern of Mayor Langouët" and announced that she was considering "a minimum area between expansion and residence".

Elisabeth_Borne on Twitter: "I fully share Mayor Langouët's concerns: I will consult in the coming days [on pesticides]"

"We have contradictory signals," commented Daniel Cueff. "Unless it's a new illustration of 'at the same time' politics: at the same time Mayor Langouët is right and, at the same time, wrong," he added.

Source: france24

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