Khloé Kardashian surprised with a thick lip 2

Khloé Kardashian surprised with a thick lip

Hollywood Blog by Claudia Oberst

Khloé Kardashian (35) on Instagram captivates with strikingly chapped lips. Her fans are convinced: Beauty Doc was used then.

Khloé Kardashian: Your mouth looks different

"Hello Glow, thank you for my healthy and radiant skin," writes Khloé Kardashian in an Instagram post, which she uses to advertise a cosmetic clinic in Los Angeles. In fact, it should promote laser treatment of firmer skin on cheeks and décolletage, but unfortunately, another part of the body comes to the fore – Khloé's lips.

The effect in the post is unnaturally bulging. So thick that Khloé almost can't close his mouth. Did she have more than her skin did in a beauty salon? According to the spa website, you can also find a lip filler there.

Interestingly, Khloé only released the comment feature in the lip announcement, and in the meantime removed the pictures. Did she get tired of the sometimes very critical comments from her community? Fortunately, the Hollywoodlife website has made a few comments for us.

"If you can't finish your mouth, it's a sign that you've injected too much filler," remarked the fan. "OMG, and more filler," was another horrified. "You are beautiful, but these lips are too much." Other users wrote that Khloé was too beautiful to bare her face.

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Has been going through a transformation for months?

In makeup for Vogue, she said her nose looks different because it narrows her contours. By the way, she also said last year that hormones devastated her after the birth of her daughter True, 1. She called her lips and lip glosses as an insider's full-lip tip, which made her mouth fuller.