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Physician reserve controversial for application use

Medical newspaper online, 08/28/2019

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Doctors warn of reckless use of health care applications. Cashier's boss, but see exactly in the important addition.

Author: Anno Fricke


Smartphone healthcare? This trend is increasingly evolving.

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BERLIN. In the midst of parliamentary debates on the Digital Supply Act (DVG), doctors and health insurers are positioning themselves as a precaution. Scheduled applications for cash costs provide discussion.

Neurologists and psychotherapists have warned there won't be too much laissez-faire in the rollout of digital health apps this week.

"In order to protect patients, it must be ensured that health applications complement the medical treatment plan and meet regulated evidence-based quality criteria," the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology said in a statement.

Associations are defending Health Minister Jens Spahn's (CDU) plans to allow digital health applications to be used without a doctor's or psychotherapist's prescription.

"There should be no economic development to the detriment of the solidarity community," the document reads. The fact that doctors and psychotherapists may prescribe applications in the future but meets with professional societies for approval.

Digital applications ship quickly

The declared goal of the grand coalition is to bring digital applications "fast into supply." This is the case in the Cabinet bill, which will now go to parliamentary debates.

However, the National Association of Compulsory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) rejects insurance claimants on all digital applications. The claim should relate exclusively to medically-guided applications that support therapy or -beglittend, it is called in KBV's opinion on account.

At this point, doctors are receiving protection from the Federal Insurance Office (BVA), which currently requires medical treatment for mental illness.

Criticism comes from the Treasury side: "BVA was not always ready to take the momentum that the Federal Government has included in their digital agenda, and support us in the same courtesy and openness to bring these innovations in the direction of policyholders along the way." prof. Christoph Straub on Wednesday in Berlin.

Straub: The doctor's prescriptions are invalid

For Straub, even a doctor, a medical reservation is not worth it. When checking the applications, it was noticed that there were groups of patients who did not go to the doctor or psychotherapist but used the products online.

"It's hard to say then: You can do that, but only if the traditional system prepares the diagnosis in advance," said the president of the second largest health insurance company in the country. This way, you are not achieving what the digital world allows, namely, a target group that just wants to use other offers.

In the meantime, the political debate over digitization laws does not stop the digitization process. Barmer on Wednesday unveiled a tracker against the disease that should be available to policyholders from the end of the year. Asked when the money would go on sick leave on the bill, he would generally count on "time-sensitive services," Straub said.

See processing status

Among other things, the application provides the policyholder with insight into the internal processing status of the sick leave application. The philosophy behind it is filtering meaningful products from an immensely wide market and making it accessible to policyholders.

"Only then will insured people say that Barmer now functions like a platform where I book flights, book hotels or order something," Straub said.

After 158,000 first-time applicants applied for care services around 130,000 a year in Barmer and asked for help filling out a 14-page application, Barmer submitted an electronic form, which, according to the department's responsible chief, Dr. Ing. Have Regina Vetters fill in just minutes.

  • Physician reserve controversial for application use 3
  • Physician reserve controversial for application use 4
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