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SAPV Mülheim an der Ruhr is closing the gap in palliative care

Since September, SAPV Mülheim an der Ruhr, organized by Doc Doc, together with the nurse Die Pflegepartner. Mülheim was the last urban district in the North Rhine area where there was no SAPV (Specialty Outpatient Palliative Care).

It is a greater joy for everyone involved to finally succeed after more than two years of intense effort. "It was very difficult to find specialized nurses, which was one of the biggest obstacles," says Susanne Freudenberg, who coordinates the project. "We need to have a great structure for our work with health insurance companies, for example, pharmacies or psychologists," Dr. Peter Ramme added. The palliative doctor is the Medical Director of SAPV Mülheim.

To fulfill the patient's last wish

SAPV targets the seriously ill and their relatives and is an adjunct to general palliative care. This care structure enables the seriously ill patient to be accompanied in a home setting and to have ongoing care at home or in a nursing facility. "If someone has a desire to be treated at home, then they can contact us. If there is a health insurance regulation, we will regulate it ourselves, families will not be added to bureaucratic work, so the patient will have the last wish to fulfill," explains Dr. sc. . Benjamin Engelke, one of the team’s palliative care physicians.

The palliative care team works with experts dedicated to relieving symptoms such as pain, breathing, nausea, vomiting and other physical ailments in a critically ill patient. Caring relatives also have the support of the team. "SAPV should provide quality care to provide patients with the best care possible in their usual environment," says Ramme.

Seven doctors and five nurses

The team consists of seven palliative care staff and five palliative care providers. "We need to start first and see where the need is still. We're more of a small team right now, but it's better for patients and relatives as well, so they don't always have to get used to other people," Engelke says.

But there seems to be a great need, especially in Mülheim, as Engelke explains: "Mülheim is a pretty old town, so it is with older people. And the friends of the mountain add," We're closing the white spot. We were the last city without SAPV, and other cities are also happy to take them into business. "

If necessary or have questions, please contact Coordinator Susanne Freudenberg:
SAPV Mülheim an der Ruhr
Kaiserstrasse 31-33
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Phone: 0208 43 911 472