SC Frintrop will receive a home of top quality birds for the weekend 2

SC Frintrop will receive a home of top quality birds for the weekend

The next day will be a real endurance test for SC Frintrop. On Sunday, September 1st, the Schempannfeld Club will host a superb birdhouse at 3pm.

Last Sunday, Frintroper escaped. The match at Sportfreunde Koenigshardt, however, was canceled with a score of 1: 2 from Essen's point of view.
Claudio Miranda-Vera scored in the eighth minute of the match before the hosts scored twice in the 24th and 25th minutes. Not long after, the referee interrupted the game because of the attack. The case must now be heard before the Association's Board of Appeal.

3: 2! Adler Union celebrates its first win of the season

Adler Union Frintrop is on Sunday in Blau-Weiß Oberhausen. The ball will roll around Tulpenstraße from 3.15pm onwards, the Frintropers traveling with confidence and scoring their first win of the season in a home game against SV Adler Osterfeld last weekend.
It took Tommy Groll just eight minutes to score the opening goal. But Coach Matthias Hülsmann's protégés received only a brief cheer. In a direct comeback Marco Matuszzak made up for Oberhausener (9th). Ten minutes later, the score was scored by Veli Taner in the lead (19th). The backlog named Felix Ohters on stage. The Ohters, who scored 31 goals in the 2018/19 season, bypassed Osterfeld goalkeeper Kevin Strauch and slipped to 2-2 (23rd).
In the second round, Groll scored his second goal of the day Adler Union to a 3-2 victory (56th). Through the first three this season, the team moves up from the water tower to the twelfth place in the rankings.

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