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Swiss journalist Vanessa Nikisch criticized Generation Selfie. But young people know what he is doing.

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Bad, bad – that "generational selfie" and her notorious selfishness Photo: SRF

Each decade has its own media debate. The 1990s caused confusion because on the still-young private television, only filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim made famous Alfred Biolek and Hape Kerkeling gay, and then host Harald Schmidt, host Bettina B├Âttinger as a lesbian. Did they do that …?

Today, especially old media newspapers and television, there is little rebellion over the "sefia generation": Hearts and wills are the currency of the Internet. The more the better. Pathological deception cites the ancients. The content of the documentary "Selfie Generation" by Swiss TV journalist Vanessa Nikisch can be summarized in three sentences.

The scariest picture of the movie: 16-year-old Michelle Weller – one of the three main actresses who accompanied Nikisch – is lying on the dentist's chair and can spray her lips. In doing so, she provides her outstretched smartphone as much as possible to document the process for her 5,000 Instagram followers. Aufspritzer forgives her for the price of 350 francs.

Notorious selfishness

The text on the screen – "Every fifth picture or video on Instagram is about lips." – provides statistical facts that Nikisch doesn't reveal from where they came from. She explained to 3sata audiences: "Often, social media sizes are collaborative and sponsored." The youngest billionaire of all time (Forbes Magazine) Kylie Jenner did it. Michelle Weller keeps Kylie Jenner's makeup in her nightstand, which she claims has spent more than 3,000 francs.

"Generation Selfie," 8.15pm, 3pm

The bad, the bad – this "Selfie Generation" and its notorious egocentricity. It is strange that these are young people of the same age group, currently celebrated under the label "Generation Stove for the Future" – also in the classic media – so their view of the future is so much more responsible and altruistic than that of previous generations.

Writer Bret Easton Ellis in turn concludes in his current book ("White") on social media and the new seriousness of young people together, and concludes from "Sissy" (in the English original: "Generation Wuss"). And probably the posterior cry of "generation" has always been an attractive endeavor.

"The whole world sees you in a bikini." Answer: "It's the same in the lead."

Anyone who wants to make fun of "Generation Selfie" (text overlay: "In your life, 18-35 year olds will make 27,500 selfies today") will receive good illustrative material from Vanessa Nikisch. Michelle Weller tells her, "The whole world sees you in a bikini." Answer: "That's the way it is. There is no difference between Instagram and the beach. "

Even 21-year-old sports student, Chiara Schober, who was anorexic and now muscular, presents to her followers numerous Belfife but also sexy in a row: "This one gets more likes. That's how it is today." (Text overlay: "On Instagram gives 3.5 billion likes a day. ") At the time of the movie's production, what we now know for a few days was still unknown: that Instagram wants to get rid of likes, Maybe.

Lastly, it's worth noting that both Michelle Weller and Chiara Schober are capable of reflecting on their social media behaviors just as rude as Younes Saggara, 17, the third protagonist: If she can breathe at all between selfies, Younes has to do with so many very young people. screaming girls that grandparents in front of the TV screen might remind of the Beatles.

Nikisch calls him a "national teen idol" in Switzerland and wants to know from him, "You're a total swarm of girls. Do your fans know you're gay?" The answer: "I don't want to talk about it. I think it's my personal life." The journalist, however, asked a question and answer in her movie – and came up with that. At the beginning of the year on Swiss television, this sparked a media debate earlier this year: Is it …?