Study: Allergies are dangerous with tattoo needles

Researchers have discovered in a new study that not only can tattoo colors be detrimental to health. Also poisonous substances from needles so that they can enter the body and lose allergy there, for example.

Not just tattoo paints, and therefore the needs used can trigger allergies from use. Ines Schreiver of the Federal Bureau of Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin. Together with his colleagues, they published a study in the journal "Fiber Particles and Toxicology" on Tuesday.

Metal oxide is particularly affected

Most commonly, allergy-causing metals dissolve when titanium dioxide is used, which is contained in many tattoo colors such as green, red and blue.

Ordinary tattoo needles consist of an alloy that also contains six to eight percent nickel to 20 percent chromium. Both metals are toxic and can cause allergies if broken down.

According to Schreiver, the new findings were an accidental finding: "We discovered metal particles in the study of ink tattoos. In detective work, we learn that they come from needle abrasion. "

Lymph node deposition has already been demonstrated

In a previous study, researchers have already shown that they can deposit pigments from tattoos into lymph nodes for years. According to Schreiver, there is now a need to get into those organs of the immune system.

The extent to which the deposits are damaging to health and causing allergies must be further investigated. This requires extensive studies with several thousand participants over several years.

If colorful tattoos are more dangerous than black tattoos, I also couldn't say for sure. "Inferior black may also contain nickel in high concentrations," the researchers noted. (sus / dpa)