TA health forum: Knee out of suitcase 2

TA health forum: Knee out of suitcase

TA health forum: Knee out of suitcase

The start of TA Forum Health's new series of lectures at Arnstadt is about artificial joints.

Maik Hoberg, medical director of the specialist clinic for orthopedics at Marienstift Arnstadt, with individually tailored templates from 3-D printers for the artificial knee

Maik Hoberg, medical director of the specialist clinic for orthopedics at Marienstift Arnstadt, with individually tailored templates from 3-D printers for the artificial knee

Photo by Ingo Glase

TA health forum: Knee out of suitcase

Can hypnosis replace anesthesia? Does a surgical robot need a dog guard? How important is vaccination for babies – and for the elderly? How can you treat foot pain, which can cause permanent discomfort in your shoulders? The mind makes the body sick? How can chronic pain be treated? What should plastic surgery do, for example, after an accident? During the fall semesters of the TA Health Forum, senior and senior practitioners from twelve hospitals in Thuringia explain medical topics in a way that is easy to understand and answer questions from the audience after appropriate lectures during an hour of TA consultation. Admission to the classes is free.

The start will be made by Maik Hoberg, medical director of the specialist clinic for orthopedics at Marienstift Arnstadt. Entitled "Artificial Hip Joint – What Can Modern Research Do?", The Orthopedist presents a new surgical technique for installing a new hip joint – the so-called Würzburg incision – and talks about replacing the knee with a 3-D printer.

"Artificial wrists are not a matter of old age," Maik Hoberg assures. "The oldest patient who received two new hip joints from me was 104. On his 109th birthday, he sent me a card stating that he was again very active, walked a small stream and gained an extraordinary quality of life. And that's what is important. "

The Würzburg incision is not usually applied on the side, but on the front. "Incision is only one-third longer than before, so surgery is faster, man has less blood loss, needs less anesthetics.

By gentle muscle treatment, patients have significantly less pain and get used to it faster, ”the surgeon assures. "In many rehab clinics, Marienstift patients are now being cared for in their groups because they can walk well after a few days, while other patients take months." The word spread: "We are receiving inquiries from all over Germany and Germany in Europe. They have patients from Rhine, Belgium and Spain. A particularly quick recovery excites people. But above all, we want to be there for patients from Thuringia and the Ilm district."

Similar success, albeit on a smaller scale, is the knee joint from the 3-D printer, which Arnstädter offers for particularly active patients. "The so-called athleticism is made individually for each individual patient. The defective joint is measured by computed tomography, and the manufacturer makes the corresponding parts on a 3-D printer. As a result, all the necessary parts fit together perfectly. Even for complicated surgeries after a serious accident, these single wrists are very good, "says Hoberg. Although high-cost remains an exception, sports management inquiries are more common. Because the benefits are great: The patient sent a postcard five months after surgery in the clinic.

From Kilimanjaro.

Twelve terms in the TA Forum Health:

Artificial joints, shoulder discomfort, robots and hypnosis in the OR, heart disease and plastic surgery – exciting topics explained in the TA Forum Health Lectures easily understood. Afterwards, the doctors in the TA consultation hour provide an answer to the audience's questions. Twelve autumn dates are planned:

  • September 3, 5pm: Hip Artificial Joint – What Can Modern Research Do? Marienstift Arnstadt Specialist Orthopedics Clinic (lecture at Rudolstädter Straße 30)
  • September 11, 5 pm: When everyday life becomes quieter – auditory disorders and treatment options, Helios-Clinic Blankenhain (lecture at MVZ Weimar, Gropiusstraße 8)
  • September 17, 5 pm: From baby to old age – how important is vaccination? Helios Hospital Gotha
  • September 24 at 5pm: Shoulder Discomfort, SRH Friedrichrod Hospital
  • October 1, 5pm: If your foot hurts, SUH-Clinic Weimar
  • October 9 at 5pm: Pelvic Vein Syndrome – An Undisclosed Cause for Abdominal Pain, Ilm-Kreis-Clinic Arnstadt
  • October 15th at 5pm: Better quality of life despite heart disease – thanks to modern therapies, Zentralklinik Bad Berka
  • October 22 at 5pm: Robotic surgery – intervention in the future without a doctor? Erfurt Catholic Hospital
  • October 23 at 5pm: Surgical Opportunities for Südharz Klinikum Nordhausen
  • November 12 at 5pm: Hypnosis instead of narcosis? Robert Koch Apolda Hospital
  • November 26 at 5 pm: Heart and Soul – How the psyche affects heart health, Helios-Clinic Erfurt
  • December 3 at 5 pm: Pain Management in Multimodal Pain Therapy, Helios Clinic Bleicherode