What is the silence about gemstone scooters? 2

What is the silence about gemstone scooters?

Powder Brush, Electric Face Brush or Eyelash Curler – Beauty treatments are inexhaustible. Particularly popular: face scooters made of rose quartz or jade, which are pouring in as a cosmetic trend from Asia to Europe. Promise: Rounded stones should help create firmer mimicry, rose quartz has a positive effect on emotional state by gentle rolling movements, and jade is said to have clarifying and anti-inflammatory properties. The beautiful view of the noble helpers is undoubted, but how effective is the massage?

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Application and effects

"Skating activates lymph flow and blood flow, which, for example, causes skin patches to heal faster and are generally less frequent," explains Sarah Khurshid, PR manager and beauty expert at Amazingy, a natural online ordering company, in a STYLEBOOK interview cosmetics. To apply the scooter, it should be guided in a circular motion across the temple, forehead, cheeks and chin, always extending from the center of the face outwards. This way, the ingredients for morning and evening care routines are better absorbed, the expert said. In addition, swollen eyelids with soft lines under the eyes could be treated: "If you wake up with swollen eyes, this application is very comfortable and provides freshness. In the evening, a gentle massage on the temple and forehead is especially relaxing."

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Natural Insider Advice Against Wrinkles?

With regular use, the effect of visual rejuvenation can actually be noticed: "Massage and increased blood flow make the skin look more balanced and less blemish, because that is what makes us old." However, the face rollers cannot be pushed in – they can be applied Although tempered, but not eliminated. "No natural product can do it, only Botox can do it," the expert explains.


Whether jade or lipstick is quartz – when buying a scooter, you should choose quality products, otherwise the scooters will fall apart quickly or contain plastic instead of real stone.
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Watch out for cheap stones

If you're looking for an online jade or quartz lipstick roll online, you'll soon find deals for a few euros. The expert advises against such a cheap purchase: “Quality stone scooters are certified and guarantee high quality and fair conditions of production. In contrast, cheap stones are obtained in catastrophic circumstances or mixed with plastic. "This would leave the desired effect of skin beauty." From € 20 to € 50 you'll find an Echtstein scooter. With the more expensive products you only pay for the brand name, you won't get a better stone. "

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Face scooter in STYLEBOOK test

Especially in summer, applying with a jade scooter is very comfortable, the stone stays nice and cool even at high outdoor temperatures, and can be cooled further in the refrigerator. After about four months, I realized that the ritual of morning hatching relaxes my facial features and made my swollen eyes wake up faster. I like to apply a scooter after skincare and before applying makeup, and I imagine that my face cream would work that way better. At the heart of it is a moment of smearing, a brief pause, before heading into daily life – in the convened serenity I personally see the strongest anti-aging effect of the app. Relaxed facial features can make everyone feel fresh and younger, even for a moment.