Daniel Aminati Private: These are the biggest secrets of "taff" displays 2

Daniel Aminati Private: These are the biggest secrets of "taff" displays

09.09.2019, 14.23

Socks trained: Daniel Aminati.

Socks trained: Daniel Aminati. Image: Instagram / danielaminates

Daniel Aminati is a heart cat. But what many don't know about the clever "taff" moderator: Aachen-born is almost a versatile talent. You can find his biggest secrets here.

Daniel Aminati is considered an absolute heartbreaker. Each day, the "taff" presenter drives the hearts of his female audience faster as he entertains an entertainment program on Pro Sieben.

Daniel Aminati Private: Does the manager have a girlfriend?

For a long time there was only one woman for him and she heard the name Anja Höbel. But in 2017, it became known that the two separated after five-and-a-half years of dating. Since then, it is unknown if Daniel Aminati has a girlfriend again.

Daniel Aminati makes you crazy: from the lead singer from the band to the fitness guru

Daniel Aminati is now helping people lose weight with their "Keep it up" fitness program. But before he found his way there, his career initially took a slightly different direction. From 1994 to 1997 he was the lead singer of the German children's band "Bed & Breakfast". After a music career, the sports ace devoted himself more to acting. There were roles in "Unter uns", "Forbidden Love" or "Alpha Team".

Origin, hobbies, career: Daniel Aminati's biggest secrets

Aminati has been working at ProSieben since August 2006, where he first introduced the Galileo knowledge journal before becoming a "taff" moderator in 2009. But if you look at the biggest secrets of a well-soaked muscle pack, then it becomes clear that the ProSieben face probably has a lot of talent.

So, among other things, he wanted to become a professional footballer. From 1989/90. He threw claims that he was in the A-youth of Bayern. He also had to do with top models. In the end, he also did a promotion for Cindy Crawford for her fitness video "Shape Your Body." So, if the fitness trainer no longer wants to have a moderator job, it's easy to find something new.

Incidentally, all those who always wondered where Daniel Aminati came from were told that he was born in Aachen, his mother was German and her father was from Ghana.

Cyberobics and Fitness Training: Daniel Aminati and Co. – These celebrities help you lose weight.

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