Lose weight consciously and strengthen the psyche? It promises a diet for the brain of the body! 2

Lose weight consciously and strengthen the psyche? It promises a diet for the brain of the body!

A diet that also strengthens the psyche and promises a healthier lifestyle in the long run? It promises a diet for the brain of the body. We once thought of a method with a brain.

What is behind the brain and body diet?

Health expert and New York Times author In her book, The Body Brain Diet, Sara Gottfried talks about how the female brain determines daily life. For example, sleep or eating disorders can prevent us from effectively losing weight and staying in balance. Often, hormonal imbalance in women is one of the reasons that weight loss works very hard. The author sees a solution to this problem in a strengthened brain-body connection – proper brain-body balance.

Weight loss: the connection between brain and body

Listen to the body and act properly: According to the expert, a person is healthy when the body and brain are pulled in the same direction. It then discusses the balanced connection between brain and body. Low levels of inflammation, for example, may indicate that the body is in perfect balance.

These symptoms may indicate an imbalance:

Dr. Sara Gottfried revealed to the Goop platform that she herself had a broken brain-body relationship. Doctors discovered high blood sugar and elevated cortisol levels. Other symptoms may also occur in case of imbalance:

  • strong fluctuations in weight
  • flatulence
  • difficulty concentrating
  • forgetfulness
  • The desire for sugar
  • anxiety
  • tense expression

This is how the brain and body diet works

According to the author It takes Sara Gottfried body and brain for 40 days to get back in balance. Brain health is a strong indicator of overall health and well-being. Food also has a major impact, as the good functioning of the gut flora is an important goal of nutrition. An interval post, for example, helps restore balance. But not only is a healthy and balanced diet important for healing, even the head is on the lookout. Spiritual exercises like meditation and yoga support the connection between brain and body. As with any diet, it is also important to sleep well and drink plenty of water.

Body Brain Diet – ELLE Conclusion

A body brain diet is a good method for those who want to lose weight in the long run. Not only does it lose weight, it also trains your psyche. In other words, it improves control over one's body. Interstitial fasting is a big challenge at first, but it strengthens the intestinal flora and therefore health.