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Men in vibe

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15 years «Adam online»

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"Many are men
messy and discouraged, "says Emmerich Adam. It started 15 years ago
Men's magazine "Adam online".

In 2004, Adam started
online »as a print magazine, e-paper and website. The style and content are like that
that men who are not Christians should like the magazine
are. "For the Man of Values" is the subtitle of the magazine.

Men stand inside
unprecedented performance pressure

"We want men
encouraging. The articles are intended to assist in discovering and establishing one's identity
live, "says Emmerich Adam. Many men are unsure and would find themselves in one
withstand unprecedented performance pressure. “They should be super husbands and fathers
be successful, fit for the job, athletic and fit and then engage as well
community. Of course, it overwhelms many and makes them ready. "

Adam notes, “Men have been more in focus for the last 15 years
The number of events and books for men is strong

Solid content in
Times of oversupply

The magazine appears
every three months with 16 pages; at the time of overbid is an offer
he deliberately kept it concise and clear. In addition, he offers the magazine “Adam
online »on the homepage further texts and podcasts. It's a magazine
also present on Facebook.

15 Years of Adam Online Magazine: That's 550
Article by 200 authors. That's 350 book presentations, the largest
An Overview of Offers for Christian Men, According to Information «Adam
on-line »

Magazine: Adventure

Emmerich Adam
describes the magazine as an "adventure". Because a magazine
it is funded mainly by donations and only to a small extent
from the ad. Without volunteer work, the whole thing would not be possible. Is
content orientation and text work are only part of the work
Emmerich Adam; a lot of time is researched as well as supporting information and
Communication work. Emmerich Adam is a Bachelor of Theology and father of three children
adult children.

"Adam online" will be at
circulation of 10,000 copies. The Jubilee Edition has 20
Pages, four pages more than usual. To publish a journal bio
founded an association called the Christian Association for the Advancement of People,
Married couples and families, for example ». The Advisory Council of Ten Supports “Adam
on-line ". Many advisory board members are active in the work of Christian men.

Silence, man
he fought for

Theme of
the just-printed jubilee edition is "The Power of Silence." Write this
Emmerich Adam: «The information and distractions we encounter daily
for a long time they were inconspicuous. Silence – above all,
in ourselves – don't just turn that around, she always wants us to "fight for …"

On "Turn off the power
der Stille », the jubilee edition contains the following articles:
– Find silence in a loud world
– In the morning into the woods
– Jesus can too
quench our storm
– Sunday work again
– Tips against stress
– Tense because it's important?
– The storm psalm

To the website "Adam online"

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author: Norbert Abt
source: liven