Patient Forum: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 2

Patient Forum: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

How a glimpse into the past can help with mental illness: The Patient Forum at the Jena Psychiatric Clinic will be dedicated to in-depth psychological psychotherapy and online treatment offers next Thursday.

Is on. Whether Depression, Anxiety Disorders or Psychosomatic Diseases: Psychotherapy is one of the most important forms of treatment for various mental disorders.

Due to the variety of psychotherapy offerings, it is often difficult for patients to find appropriate and effective psychotherapy for them.

That's why Dr. Susanne Mohr, Senior Physician, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Jena University Hospital (UKJ); Stefanie Suttkus, Psychological Psychotherapist at the Jena Psychiatric Clinic at the next Patient Forum on September 12th on an Important Form of Treatment: The Deep Psychology of Psychotherapy.

Free event

What does this therapy really mean? Who is she appropriate for? Can online offers also support those affected? Among other things, two experts speak at the free event, which takes place at 6pm in the Philosophenweg Hospital Lecture Room 3.

Stored, relatives and stakeholders invited, no registration required.

Patient Forum: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 3

Deep psychology psychology detects unconscious motives and conflicts that lead to mental suffering and psychosomatic illnesses and tries to understand them from a life story.

"Our patients are intensely engaged with their past and potential conflicts in therapy to understand them." Mohr. "Only then can I change my experience and ultimately my current behavior."

Therapeutic applications

How medical treatment services like apps can help and where the boundaries of those applications lie, Dr. Med showed. Suttkus in his lecture. The range of therapeutic applications is large: smoking cessation, eating disorders or depression. Also at UKJ Psychiatry, such online offerings have been used for several years, especially in the treatment of borderline patients.

"But never in isolation, but always in favor of existing therapy – for example, as a digital diary or a sleep diary," Dr. Suttkus. "In particular, our younger patients are very open to technology and love to use them."

However, there is still a lot of potential for applications, the expert is sure: bridging the time to start treatment or improving the care of patients with mental illness in rural areas.

Patient Forum: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 4

"What form of therapy is appropriate for the patient ultimately depends on the personal circumstances of the person concerned, the underlying mental illness and the goal pursued by the therapy." Mohr.

In their one-on-one lectures and follow-up interviews, Jena experts want to make the listener understand how psychotherapy works and provide them with guidance on what types of treatment are recommended.

Event Series "Patient Forum at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy"

Mental health is very important for us to be content with our lives and to face the daily challenges – and it also affects our physical well-being. Mental disorders are widespread.

That is why the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is organizing the Patientforum series again this year and regularly engages in different mental health topics once a month, every Thursday at 6 pm.

Meeting at a glance:

Patient Forum on "What is and How … Psychological Psychotherapy? And Online Support for Mental Disorders?"

09/12/2019, 6:00 pm
Lecture by the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at UKJ, Philosophenweg 3, 07743 Jena

Text: Anne Curth / UKJ