A New Anti-Aging Trend And How It Works 2

A New Anti-Aging Trend And How It Works

When it comes to anti-aging, we don't have to worry right now. Not as soon as you get used to the method, it's a new hot trend. The latest insider tip? It comes from traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, called Brow Pinching.

Look into my eyes!

Sometimes the morning look in the mirror is a shock. Overnight, completely unknown lines seemed to be drawn into his face. Still very fine, but unfortunately, not to ignore: the first wrinkles occurred.

Women use all kinds of agents to combat these first signs of aging. Some rely on creams and serums, others use more drastic methods like Botox over time, others rely on healthy eating and lots of sleep or a mixture of all of these. But sooner or later you have to face the truth: the gifts of time are biting each of us. Particularly around the eyes, the first signs of aging become especially clear. Now, a new, very gentle method promises tight skin around the eye area – Mrwithout water, spraying and the like.

Eyebrow pinching: what's it about?

One possible reaction to the term "eyebrow pinching" is a skeptical eyebrow. And that's exactly what this is about.

First, everything is clear: eyebrows remain as ticklish as they are during eyebrows. They are not shaved, colored or otherwise shaped. They are just the place where new weapons of wonder are used to fight wrinkles. Because if you're tired of all kinds of creams, and maybe even handling Botox, then Brow Pinching's gentle method seems like a pretty appealing alternative.

What exactly is Pin Pinching?

Eyebrow acquisition is a special technique that weaves the skin around the eyebrows. The aim of the treatment is to keep this sensitive area tight and prevent wrinkles from forming as long as possible without expensive anti-aging products. Appropriate skin areas are massaged or "flushed" in a special way. This technique comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM is a drug that has been developing in China for over 2000 years. These include, for example, Chinese medicine therapy, as well as acupuncture and exercise classes such as Qi Gong. Massage techniques are also used – and now we use them for our skin.

Even with autogenic training you can do something good.

How Does Eyebrow Pinching Work?

With a special technique of nibbling, the masseuse encourages selected points of pressure on the eye area. There is a so-called "third eye" between the eyebrows according to TCM, which is one of the points, which is processed during eyebrow pinching.

But what brings a massage to these points? She should first solve the blockages. Once you do, your own healing powers of the body are triggered. And these are miracle remedies that Brow Pinching fans rely on: As the massage penetrates deep layers of the skin, it has a positive effect on lymph flow. When stimulated, toxins are better absorbed. In addition, the oxygen supply to the cells increases.

If you regularly lie in your massage chair and indulge in a Brow Browsing session, it is said that stimulation of pressure points and their effects on lymphatic flow and oxygen supply to the cells cause a mitigating effect. And this ensures that the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area soften or even disappear completely.

Where is Brow Pinching offered?

The trend is so new that it is not yet well known and widespread in Germany. And that's why they don't offer it in many studios. But you don't have to worry: you can lend a hand. You can see some movements in the trimming videos. So why not be inspired by videos and try it out for yourself? Even if you don't get it right now, a gentle massage for your eye area is sure to come out.

Don't forget about skin care!

And sure enough, just removing your eyebrows won’t prevent all the lines and wrinkles on your face. Ultimately, we cannot completely stop the natural aging process. But if you pay attention to things other than Brow Pinching methods, you can at least delay the process for as long as possible – or perhaps alleviate any existing wrinkles. For example, apply a thorough but gentle cleansing and intensive care tailored to your skin type.

If all that is not enough, be patient: Trend Brow Pinching will soon be in a studio near you. If not, it's safe to be discovered and try the next anti-aging trend.


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