blood 2


Last week was the time again.
When I completely innocently wanted to pick up my family doctor's prescription, the medical assistant said in a completely harmless way: "Mrs. Hedderich, the health check is in progress. We want to schedule an appointment next Thursday for an EKG and blood sampling." I was horrified. The doctor's wife grinned and said, "Mrs. Hedderich has no blood. She only knows me, good boy. You can think about it," I said, "what to think about?", I ask her. Because I can think everyone wants my blood.

It started in my childhood. She needed to be a little pale and they were already calling her "low blood, on medication." At the time, you weren't even so eager for my blood.

Then these mosquitoes. Ever since I blew some of them out of blood theft (by the way, mine), my formula seems to be in their command center. But watch out! I have mosquito repellent, a mosquito bracelet and mosquito spray, I'm a serious opponent. Now I have summer and mosquitoes behind and already Doc wants my blood.

It's really bad at the hospital because they have banks full of blood. Imagine that. Terrible, isn't it?

There is still that passenger. He often sits at my window at night, hugging himself stupidly, showing off his long pointed teeth. Guess what he wants. Don't go in the bag, stay out.

Let's see if I give the doctor something.

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