G-BA should meet the mandatory minimum staffing requirements for psychiatric hospitals 2

G-BA should meet the mandatory minimum staffing requirements for psychiatric hospitals

G-BA should meet the mandatory minimum staffing requirements for psychiatric hospitals 3


Berlin – September 19 The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) wants to decide on future staffing requirements for psychiatric hospitals. Fears that the outcome may not be in the interest of patients, doctors, psychotherapists and caregivers are becoming louder.

Chambers of Provincial Psychotherapists, Provincial Health Chambers, Ver.di Union, as well as the previous German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology (DGPPN), together with various professional and professional associations see the supply of psychiatric and psychosomatic hospitals at risk without binding minimum staffing. the need to undergo nursing and psychotherapy.

The G-BA Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Grants and Supplements Act 2016 (PsychVVG) mandated G-BA to establish guidelines for minimum staffing levels in psychiatric and psychosomatic hospitals by September 30, 2019, which would lead to "Non-Qualitative and in accordance with the guidelines, care should contribute. "

This is necessary because the still applicable Psych-PV (Psych-PV) regulations of 1991 no longer take into account current medical, legal and ethical standards. Psych-PV should be replaced by January 1, 2020 with minimum G-BA staff.

Health insurance companies want a lower staffing limit

Back in June, the DGPPN, together with medical and scientific associations, clinicians and professional associations, as well as self-help and relatives associations, criticized the position of GKV-Spitzenverband, which it published during the G-BA opinion process.

Associations interpret the paper in such a way that psycho-PV needs to be transferred quantitatively and structurally unchanged to the lower limit of staff, below which a rigid sanction system will take effect. Hospitals would then have to demonstrate compliance with lower limits by occupation group, ward and week, as otherwise services already provided would not be paid.

"If those proposals became a reality, he would be a provider of hospitals nationwidepsychiatry and the psychosomatically seriously endangered, ”they write DGPPN and Verassociations. They require that the G-BA guideline can guarantee care oriented at relaxed clinics.

Instead of "lower staff limits," the "minimum staff requirements" guideline, based on quality of care and guarantee of patient safety, should be used. Psych-PV can be transitional as a base for new staffMinimum requirements serve, but staff should be structurally immediatestops and increases quantitatively.

Abuses and coercive measures due to too little time

The ver.di union advocates a significant increase in the number of employees in psychiatric clinics or the improvement of psycho-PV in "Psych-PVplus".

The results of the Supply Psychometer Survey, interviewed by 2,330 psychiatric staff from 168 hospitals in July and August, show that caregivers, doctors and therapists do not have enough time for their patients. As a result, there are regular attacks on employees and coercive measures against patients, which could be avoided with more staff, respondents say.

President of the East German Psychotherapy Chamber (OPK), Gregor Peikert, appeals to Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) for exemptionchenpsychotherapy care at psychiatric clinics. If G-BA continues to update the 30-year Psychiatric Staff Regulations barely changed, it would be a "scandalous step backwards" from a technical standpoint.

According to Psych-PV, more than 80 patients will receive general treatment in generalmeiPsychiatry care is just one job for a "graduate psychologist" in GKV financeed. That's 29 minutes per patient per week. Doctors could do the necessary psychochoOften, due to lack of time, they do not perform the therapies themselves. “Some clinics are being dealt withusing trainees or psychotherapists in training, "the OPK president writes.

Heike Winter, president of the Hesse Psychotherapy Chamber, adds: "Medizin and psychotherapy have made tremendous progress over the last 30 years. For most mental disorders, scientifically sound treatment is recommendedPsychotherapy guidelines as an essential element. The G-BA guidelines for minimum staffing needs in psychiatric clinics must take this into account. " © PB / equilibreplus.com