Mathematical skills: Trust alone brings profit 2

Mathematical skills: Trust alone brings profit

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Scholars are massively lacking in self-confidence with high costs of competence

Computer: confidence increases profits (Photo: Bru-nO,

Computer: confidence increases profits (Photo: Bru-nO,

Columbus (pte002 / 11.09.2019 / 06: 05) – Those who are good at math will fare better financially – but only if they have confidence in their math skills. This was revealed by a survey by Ohio State University Self-made account geniuses earn almost $ 100,000 more than people who lack self-confidence with the same numbers. Having confidence in your own math skills will not only help with financial matters.

Make good money

Math helps with financial and medical matters – but only with confidence. "If you have low numerical confidence, obviously all the math skills in the world don't help much," says study leader Ellen Peters. Because researchers compared the results of an objective math test to what 4,572 U.S. respondents report on their financial situation from credit card debt to investment. Anyone who is good at maths and trusts them is better off financially.

A particularly clear example of this was respondents who had a good time in the math test. Here, those with high mathematical self-esteem earned, on average, $ 94,000 more in annual income than those who lacked confidence in their own math skills. "We suspect that those who lack confidence don't stick with numbers when it gets tiring or tedious, so their skills are not used," says psychologist Peters.

An important factor in medicine

However, confidence in your own math skills plays a huge role not only in financial matters. In another study, researchers were able to show that mathematically competent lupus sufferers showed confidence in their abilities a much better course of the disease. This could be related to the fact that such persons are more likely to dose the medication properly and make really good decisions, for example in terms of insurance and health care services. On the other hand, over-confidence in poor math skills works dangerously for lupus patients.

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