Pubic Hairstyles - You Should Pay Attention 2

Pubic Hairstyles – You Should Pay Attention

Genital Hair Removal – What is the Best Method?

There are numerous methods of waxing: Rinsing and epilation, shaving, waxing, sugar, permanent hair removal and more, But which method is best for the genital area? "Sugar" is recommended by an expert Filiz Christoph. "This is the most sustainable and long-lasting method," continues founder of cosmetic chain Adam & Eve. At least three to four weeks after treatment, no new hair will appear. Special side effect: With regular sugar treatments, the hair becomes much finer and less thick with time.

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Another benefit: Sugar is much gentler on the skin than other hair removal methods like hair removal. waxing. Because instead of hot wax, we remove the hair with sugar with a soft mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice. Sugar paste is applied against the growth direction. After that, "hair pulls in the direction of growth," explains Filiz Christoph. This way the hair does not break down and the result of smooth skin lasts longer.

What do you have to keep in mind when it comes to the sugar trend? Treatment requires a minimum length of hair, This means that in the last two to two weeks you have not shaved, epilated, waxed.

Landing Strip – This is the current trend

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The narrow strip of hair above the lip lips is also called the Landingstrip Photo by PraxisVITA

Hair removal is not the same as hair removal. Depending on your taste, pubic hair can be styled in different ways – almost anything is possible. "Coloring, Hair Removal, Landing Strip, Triangle, All Hairstyles," states Filiz Christoph. Currently the most popular? The so-called "Landing Strip". But what lies behind this trendy pubic hairstyle? The landing strip is the center strip across the pubic lips – just like the runway. An intimate hairstyle is usually four to seven inches long, varying in width from narrow to lush.

You can bring the Underground Strip into shape with almost all common waxing methods. The simplest, but also the most expensive, option is a visit to a cosmetic studio. You will be treated by a specialist here and you can simply lean in while waxing or waxing.

Landing Strip – Do It Yourself? Not a problem. Here's how it works: you only need trimmers and razors. The easiest way to style your Landing Strip in the shower is with a razor first and then a trimmer. Waxing creams are less appropriate. Big drawback: It is very aggressive and the hair grows back after a few days. If you use hair removal cream on the vulva, you should always keep in mind that the cream simply does not reach the mucous membranes. This can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. In addition, waxing creams hardly allow for the clean contours of an intimate hairstyle or even at all.

By no means: a Hollywood cut or a bush of nature

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A practical hairstyle for pubic hair is a natural bush Photo: PraxisVVITA

The fundamental decision: pure nature or complete shaving? Nature's Bush is the most complicated pubic hairstyle, because that's where everything stops. You can trim your hair a little, at most. The complete opposite is the Hollywood cut.

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Hollywoodcut removes all hair. There are also different methods in questions Photo by PraxisVITA

As the name already reveals, this intimate hairstyle is very popular with the stars. All hair is removed. A particularly popular waxing method for the Hollywood cut is Brazilian waxing. Before or after waxing, you should keep in mind the following:

preparation: Have a warm bath, possibly a gentle exfoliation, before treatment. As a result, the pores open, the hair is lifted and can be easily removed.
Minimum hair length required: You must neither shave, epilate, depilate or gesugart two to two and a half weeks before continuing.
Comfortable underwear: "Especially after hair removal, too tight shirts or trousers encourage razor and irritation," the expert explains.

Bikini Cut – The perfect beach for rocky pubic rocks

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Please enter a title Photo by PraxisVITA

If the Hollywood cut is too painful or you just don't want to shave off all your hair, a bikini cut is a good alternative. For this intimate hairstyle, you need to remove significantly less hair – only the ones most needed along the Bikiniunterteil.

Creative Intimate Hairstyles

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Your first letter to your partner or your heart as a pubic hairstyle is quite one of the difficult hairstyles Photo by PraxisVITA

There are endless possibilities for experimentation for all creatives. How about a pubic, pubic, heart, arrow, butterfly, or partner letter style? "Aid is a good razor, a moisturizing shaving cream, possibly a pattern, and then a moisturizing skin care," said Filiz Christoph.

Pubic hair color – you should be aware of this

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Colored pubic hair is a true statement Photo by PraxisVITA

If you want to go one step further, you can also color the pubic hair. Here are some aspects to consider:

Skin compatibility test: Apply a small amount of paint to your arm or leg to make sure the color does not cause an allergic reaction.
Intimate injuries: In case of injury or irritation of the genital area, you should not paint the hairs on the pubic side, but only after healing the affected areas.
Keep an eye on the color: May not get color on lips and mucous membranes. It is best to paint with Vaseline all the sensitive areas that are protected from color before staining.
Minimum exposure time: After minimum exposure time, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Best in the shower. With a cloth you can remove Vaseline residue.

Bikini line care tips

The skin in the genital area is particularly sensitive. Proper care is therefore of great importance. Nuts and bolts are cleaned regularly and thoroughly. This way you can prevent the inflammation that can occur after hair removal. Additionally, you should "use the right shaving cream, lotion and high quality razor," advises Filiz Christoph.

The right cream for you is the one that best suits you personally and feels comfortable and good on your skin. It is important to use moisturizer after shaving, waxing or sugar waxing to soothe and repair irritated skin.


Expert Filiz Christoph is the founder and CEO of Adam & Eve Beautylounges in Hamburg.