Fashion package without fashion 2

Fashion package without fashion

Some outfits are very bizarre.

With the Italian fashion brand "Moschino", "The Sims 4" first created an accessory package with catwalk-wearing fashion. Already in "The Sims 2" there were already collaborations with H&M and IKEA, which gave players the life of the Sims as theirs. With "Moschino Accessoires," developers have now created the opposite and have also created suitable careers such as that of photographer or photographer.

Little clothes on the bar.

A little fashion show

However, after reviewing in Create-a-Sim mode, it shows that there are only a few new garments bundled with accessories. Although the T-shirts are of the typical "Moschino" comic character, they also don't fit the fridge bunny and unicorn into the fashion brand world. And the rest of the outfit is still too simple and inconspicuous to be considered "fashion." Increasingly, casual accessories, hairstyles and makeup that could spice up clothing are lacking. In addition, this package has the problem of being designed for adult sims. For kids and toddlers, there is no talk of "Moschin" at all and even though the kids have been involved in a photography career.

Fashion shots also go into your own living room with the right accessories.

Own a home photo studio

The "Sims 4: For Work" expansion pack is already the first photo studio option, but it's more reminiscent of the structure in passport photo studios. The new accessories package includes not only furniture and other construction items that fit perfectly with "Moschino" style, but also the opportunity to build your own photo studio for a new career of fashion photographers at home. The most important thing is a tripod: It can be used to make photos of symphony ticks, several Sims to pose for a photo, and even use a self-timer. The captured photos can be hung in the correct photo frame.

Photographer and model

Posing like a pro - With a tripod, you can take Sims' specific poses.

To brighten the fashion even more, come with a bundle and free careers. They allow Sims to work independently as a programmer, writer, digital artist or photographer. Sims do not have a fixed hours, but they do the work they can look for on a PC or smartphone. In the case of a fashion photography career, assignments always follow the same pattern: "Take pictures of x Sims in x Apparel with x pose", "Successfully take a photo" and "Post a picture on a fashion simstagram". So, a career is quickly dull, and even long-term "promotion" with decoration, higher fees and a new item does not make your career more exciting.

For free careers, there are also new social interactions such as "photo bragging".

After the acquisition cost, career photography is easy money. Photos are almost never rejected and you don't have to hire a model, but you can ask any Sim to pose. At the same time, the band of friendship between photographers and models is growing unusually fast. Unfortunately, there is no career as a model, but any Sim can take on any of the new poses. To this end, "The Sims 4" has used the already existing influence on career influences in the base game * and allows for the collaboration of photographers and influencers of style, for example.


Those who were hoping for many crazy new outfits will be disappointed with this accessory pack. Nevertheless, Moschino-style furniture is also worth seeing a successful change from other construction projects. Even if leisure careers are a bit simplistic, this offers new opportunities to socialize with Sim at work. If you enjoyed painting in "The Sims 4" then you will be very pleased with this accessory pack.

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