Six of them in interview: Brüggemann and Bröer agree on Nordkirchen as favorites 2

Six of them in interview: Brüggemann and Bröer agree on Nordkirchen as favorites

In front of the defense at home and always in the middle: In the form of midfielder Tim Bröer (24) from FC Nordkirchen and Darius Brüggemann (22) in SuS Olfen the link between offensive and defense. Sebastian Reith spoke with both key players about the upcoming derby.

Mr. Bröer, you've been injured in preparation. How are you?

Bröer: That's right. I almost completely missed the preparations and only came back last week. I play over 90 minutes again and gradually everything comes back. I can definitely go full throttle.

Do you know each other?

Bruggemann: Yes, we do. We met at Grün-Weiß Selm. When we see each other, we talk. In private, we have nothing to do with each other.

Bröer: Yes, I played for C-Youth in Grün-Weiß. Along the way we encountered our specific times. Otherwise, I know Darius from school.

Six of them in interview: Brüggemann and Bröer agree on Nordkirchen as favorites

Darius Brüggemann (r.) Returned to SuS Olfen. By the time of his descent he had already played in Olfen.

© Sebastian Reith

Olfen has a good start for the relegation team. Nordkirchen, however, does not like a team with ambitions for promotion. Shouldn't you correct your goals?

Bröer: We are now in the sixth match of the match and we have a total of 34 matches. We have a long way to go. Of course, we are already six points behind. But we can start the series, the team from below can do it and then maybe Olfen will be strong again. Both have not been decided yet.

Bruggemann: No, the season is still too young for that. With 18 teams in the league, it is still too early to search. We started well, but we can skate again quickly.

Who is your favorite?

Bröer: It's a little derby. Then it's a little different and a little more explosive than usual. It’s going to be a tight match, but I think we’ll get into the game with a slight favorite role. Olfen is a newcomer and we have a few seats in front of them.

Bruggemann: Who is a favorite is hard to say. Especially in the derby it is difficult to recognize the role. Normally you would rather go to the northern churches if you look at the last few years.

But that sounds like confidence and you have something to think about, Mr. Brüggemann.

Bruggemann: After recent results, such as against the city's salary or in the derby against Lüdinghausen, we have boosted our confidence. Everyone thought that Lüdinghausen would be very balanced. In the end it was quite clear. We will not accept a favorite role, but we are confident in the game.

What will be?

Bruggemann: The first few minutes are very important for each individual player and collective. That can be crucial. Otherwise: What counts in every game! Dueling is important, and with us the switching game in particular.

Bröer: Dueling becomes really important. But, we have some playful advantages, I think.

Describe your opponent's team!

Bröer: Honestly, except for Daria, I don't know anyone personally. But Olfen is a tight knit.

Bruggemann: Nordkirchen is a billiard and fast-moving unit. I saw Nordkirchen last season against Brambauer. The club has a lot of potential. I think it's a good idea to put a new structure on players from the environment. That seems to work well, otherwise Nordkirchen would not have been able to climb nearly to the national league last season. I know Daniel Berger best. We are in the same bowling alley and see you often in the stadium.

Your advice?

Bruggemann: Of course, I hope to win for us and the tight 2: 1.

Bröer: It's a derby, but I say 3: 1 for us.