The Vision Impact Institute is expanding its advisory board 2

The Vision Impact Institute is expanding its advisory board

Dallas ( The Vision Impact Institute (VII) is pleased to announce two new additions to the organization's Global Advisory Board. Allyala Nandakumar, Ph.D., and Serge Resnikoff, Ph.D., Ph.D., were involved in the organization at the July board meeting.

Allyala Nandakumar and Serge Resnikoff share their expertise in global and eye health

Dr. Nandakumar brings his expertise to the board as an internationally recognized expert in health finance. He is currently a lecturer at Brandeis University, where he is the director of the Master of Science program in Global Health and Development. In January 2018, Nandakumar was named the first Chief Economist in the office of the Global Coordinator for AIDS at the United States Department of State. Prior to that, he was Chief Economist for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Global Health Office.

"This is a unique opportunity to help VII make good vision and eye health a priority," says Nandakumar. "Throughout my career, I have seen the positive results that can be achieved by investing in population health, and good vision is an important part of this conversation."

Dr. Resnikoff, a world-renowned health advocate, has dealt with a number of health issues throughout his career, including at the World Health Organization (WHO), various companies, local and national government agencies and academic institutions. During his time at WHO, Resnikoff coordinated programs to prevent and control non-communicable diseases. He recently led the WHO Blindness and Deafness Prevention Program, which aimed to provide comprehensive eye and mouth care and management.

“I am very pleased to be able to contribute to the mission of the Vision Impact Institute,” says Resnikoff. "Throughout my career, I've worked to raise awareness of key public health issues, including those with impaired vision, and I see this new opportunity as another opportunity, a topic that drives so many people around the world, to light."

With the addition of new members, Professor Kovin Naidoo, Essilor's newly appointed Senior Vice President for 2.5 NVG, Inclusive Business, Philanthropy and Social Impact, will end his term on the board.

Information on the Vision Impact Institute

The mission of the Vision Impact Institute is to raise awareness of the importance of vision correction and prevention so that good vision can become a global priority. Its advisory board consists of six independent international experts: pr. Kevin Frick (United States), pr. Clare Gilbert (United Kingdom), Dr. Allyala Nandakumar (United States), Hr. Arun Bharat Ram (India), Dr. Serge Resnikoff (Switzerland) and Dr. Wang Wei (China).

Vision Impact Institute is a registered non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization supported by the Vision for Life Fund, Essilor, the world leader in ophthalmic optics. Vision Impact Institute has an interactive web platform below, a unique research base .

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