US premiere September 23 in New York in the presence of US Secretary of Health Alex Azar and UK Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies

Cologne (ots) ARTE first introduced the production of BROADVIEW Pictures RESISTANCE FIGHTERS in the spring – GLOBAL ANTIBIOTICS CRISIS – a documentary that provides comprehensive background information on the dangers of increasing antibiotic resistance worldwide, causes and effects, and shows how well known pharmaceutical companies withdraw from research on antibiotics for years.

Next Monday, September 23, the documentary, celebrated worldwide at festivals as a reference project on the current state of the antibiotic crisis, will be presented at an unofficial event on the sidelines of the 74th UN General Assembly in New York. In addition to director Michael Wech and producer Leopold Hoesch, US Secretary of Health Alex Azar, British Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies, WHO Regional Director for Southeast Asia, will attend. Poonam Khetrapal Singh and representatives from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Wellcome Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Coalition for Antimicrobial Resistance (

RESISTANCE – GLOBAL ANTIBIOTICS CRISIS is available as VoD on popular portals as well as at You will also find extensive information on the film on the given website.

Content of the dossier: In September 2016, the UN Special Assembly will meet in New York to discuss the growing global resistance to antibiotics. Just three times since its inception, the United Nations has agreed on common guidelines in the health sector. But world leaders are putting the issue on the agenda – as experts predict the number of deaths from antibiotic-resistant bacteria could increase tenfold by 2050. If nothing is done, these pathogens could kill ten million people each year, and resistance antibiotics would be the number one cause of death worldwide.

Is a new era in medicine breaking? The first step in the age after antibiotics has already been done. Pan-resistant microorganisms already exist – pathogens that are resistant to all available antibiotics. Only if we act swiftly and decisively can we prevent Pharmageddon. Because the world without antibiotics would be significantly different from the one we live in today: as in the 19th century, people would die from simple infections, life-saving surgeries and the treatment of serious diseases would be difficult to do because of the consequent risks.

How did this come about and what can we do? RESISTANCE WORLDWIDE is struggling to find the causes and solutions to the crisis and is relentlessly proving the global relationships that are leading to an increasing spread of resistance. Based on the UN Special Assembly, author Michael Wech has been monitoring proven antibiotics experts such as economist Jim O & # 39; Neill for more than two years and leading viewers to hotspots like Vietnam, Bangladesh, Lower Saxony or Reno, Nevada. The film shows how long the problem has been neglected against better knowledge. And it makes it clear that new mechanisms of resistance may have emerged, which until recently were difficult to imagine. As the massive use of antibiotics, mast-resistant bacteria enter the environment uncontrollably. That carelessness and strong economic interests, which put their profits above the well-being of the people, have put our lives in order for decades. And at the same time, well-known antibiotic research companies are steadily retreating because huge development costs and increasing resistance make their job unthinkable, even with new antibiotics. Although research is crucial – because in the race against the inevitable, the solution lies just before us, we have yet to figure it out.

So, the documentation of a real science thriller focused on the "resistance fighters" themselves: doctors desperate for development, scientists rebelling, patients battling resistant germs with death, and diplomats supporting the use of concrete solutions. A high-tension portrait of an increasingly uncontrollable crisis that provides insight into what we are really dealing with: antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest global challenges of our time.

RESISTANCE FIGHTING is fully recorded in 4K. Directed by Michael Wech (Boris Becker – Player, IS Long Hand, Death Flight MH-17, Experiment Energiewende, etc.). Resistance Fighting was produced by Emmy Leopold Hoesch Award winner, BROADVIEW Pictures (KROOS, "Angela Merkel: The Unexpected"), in co-production with ZDF and in collaboration with ARTE. The production was sponsored by HessenFilm and Film- und Medienstiftung NRW.

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