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Fast and go-to diet: lose 3 pounds a month thanks to Intervall

More and more people swear by intermittent fasting – this nutritional concept is based on the fact that it is ideal to fast every day for 16 hours, that is, around 6pm to 10am the next morning, in the time frame between, but can eat normally. This approach should avoid craving for food and craving for certain foods.

The Fast and the Feast diet is a small modification of this successful method. You are allowed here, as the name promises, in addition to fasting and plentiful feasts – and still take up to three pounds a month. We'll explain how this diet works.

Fast and Fit Diet: This is how you lose weight Interval Fast

The concept of "Fast and the Feast" is also called an alternate daily fast because similar to casual fasting, fasting time and enjoyment also change here at intervals. But not on a schedule, but on a daily basis. This means that one day you can eat whatever you want and the next is a post. Only water, coffee and green and black tea are allowed here.

Weight loss 3 pounds with Fast & Feast diet

Does this diet really work? Researchers from the University of Graz have developed and tested this concept. 90 healthy adults have tried the "Fast & Feast" routine for a month. Although you were allowed to eat as much as you wanted every other day – and often a little more than your usual serving – your calorie intake was reduced by 37 percent. Participants lost an average of three pounds in 30 days.

Is Fast & Feast Diet Healthy?

Researchers have found no adverse effects on their subjects and recommend a Fast & Fasst diet even for several months. In this way, the cardiovascular system would improve, speed up fat metabolism and reduce body fat.

Our conclusion:

Although there are no medical arguments against this diet, we generally recommend a healthy, balanced and balanced diet, as most people feel less than normal days when fasting and therefore do not play sports or move elsewhere. Even social meetings are often avoided on fasting days, as the idea is to sit in a cafe or restaurant and not eat too much of a challenge. Therefore, it is a good balance and the best prerequisite for losing weight to change your diet in the long run and to achieve and maintain the desired figure.