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Full house at Albstadt Health Days in Zollern-Alb-Halle

On Saturday, October 12th, Günther-Martin Pauli County Manager and Lord Mayor Klaus Konzelmann will open a two-day Health Days event at Zollern-Alb-Halle in Tailfingen. Then visitors can expect a comprehensive information center with regional health professionals – including clinics, medical practices, therapists, nursing homes, support groups and sports clubs.

Active exchange with the healthcare industry

The combination of offers from approximately 50 exhibitors, as well as information through lectures, moderated panel discussions, a health check by ZAK and a new phase of cooking, provide a comprehensive information platform. Both those interested in health have the opportunity to speak directly with physicians and healthcare professionals. One of the topics of this year's fair is the area of ​​healthy eating. In the cooking phase hosted by SWR hosted by Georg Filser, nutrition experts will give both days practical insight into current food trends. They include a low-fat diet, baby snacks, proper weight loss, and more. The goal is to combine the sound of knowledge transfer in the jungle nutrition of information with practical recipe ideas, tastings and helpful tips.

Health knowledge on the professional stage

On the second stage, the lobby features a wide podium and lecture program with over 35 health professionals, as well as specialists and clinicians. Book author and physical therapist Kay Bartrow could also win. Among other things, he brings his expertise during a panel discussion on the subject of joints and pain in the musculoskeletal system on Saturday. The topics on stage range from conventional medicine to alternative medicine, active healthcare, new treatments and care for the elderly. Another highlight on the expert stage will be two live surgeries Saturday on the artificial knee joint and Sunday on the spine.

Comprehensive Health Check

In addition to health parks, during health days you can pay special attention to your own health. At 15 stations, participants can view their physical health. In addition to classic tests like blood sugar, cholesterol, hearing tests or body fat measurements, there is a vein measurement at the Sanitätshaus Gießler booth, an abdominal aortic examination at the Zollernalb Klinikum, a pelvic floor trainer at the Acura Kliniken Albstatdt booth and an antioxidant AOK measurement. Alb.

Overall package health

In addition to measuring, health professionals will answer questions on the stands and provide individual assistance. In addition to the extensive consulting and information provided by the support program, the fair also offers numerous products. In the action area, various local sports clubs offer hands-on activities. B2-Biomarkt, who is also at Kochbühne along with nutritionist Dr. Med. AOK's Ute Streicher gives valuable nutrition tips. Further information on the Health Days