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Metabolic balance: This is how the blood type diet works

Metabolic balance: what lies behind the term?

Metabolic balance is a mixture of diet and diet based on a blood test. After the blood test, you will be divided into one of 36 specific types and a customized diet plan will be created based on your habits, intolerances and preferences. There are also strict instructions on when to eat, how long a meal can last, and how long there should be breaks between each meal. Carbohydrates are largely avoided during the diet because they stimulate insulin secretion, which in turn leads to increased fat storage – and also leads to cravings for food and overweight. Particularly protein like fish, eggs and lean meat and vegetables are part of the daily diet as well as plenty of water.

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4 stages of eating

The metabolic balance diet is divided into four distinct phases:

2. Strict conversion phase
3. The loose phase of change
Maintenance phase 4.

the first phase, the preparation phase, usually takes two days and should facilitate digestion and introduce a new diet. Only mildly digestible food is eaten: vegetable soups, potatoes or cooked vegetables are allowed. This requires cleansing of the bowels – to encourage this process, Glauber's salts are applied or enemas are performed.

IN second phase The diet is strictly changed: at least two weeks, the diet will be carried out according to the predefined rules (see below) and according to your personal diet plan. There are three low-carb and protein meals each day, which means that animal proteins like fish, eggs, dairy and meat are integrated into each meal. Just like a high proportion of vegetables. In addition, portions must be weighed carefully.

IN the third phaseDuring the slow transition phase, the diet is not so strict, you can occasionally drink alcohol or neglect strict grams for each meal.

fourth and the last phase is the maintenance phase. With this, the weight is removed and it is a loose but conscious diet continued with many proteins. In case you put a few pounds back on your ribs, the "heavy phase" can be re-introduced in a few days.

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Rules 8 diets in metabolic balance

The metabolic balance diet is dictated by a few strict rules. Those who read these rules quickly realize that metabolic balance also has to do with conscious nutrition to promote certain fat burning processes in the body.

  • Rule 1: Only can three meals a day to be taken
  • Rule 2: There must be at least one meal a five-hour break lie down (depending on blood type for longer) – so your insulin levels should drop and your fat loss should not slow down
  • Rule 3: After 9pm nothing is eaten
  • Rule 4: Enough Drink water – Per kilogram body weight at 35 milliliters. Thus, at least two to three liters must be drunk during the day
  • Rule 5: Every meal lasts one hour at most – should deliberately set aside time for food
  • 6. Rule: every meal with a snack protein start. This ensures that the protein arrives first in the stomach, which is why the pancreas produces the hormone glucagon. It is considered an insulin inhibitor and helps in the weight loss process
  • Rule 7: Only one type of protein is eaten per meal. So just fish, poultry, eggs or meat
  • 8. Rule: Fruits should be eaten only for eating or as a dessert – also no fruit is allowed as a bite

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Advantages and disadvantages of metabolic balance

If you look at the strict rules and diet high in protein and carbohydrates, you understand: Metabolic balance requires increased levels of discipline and persistence – especially since you only have three meals a day, It's not easy for everyone.

Added to this is the poor compatibility of daily life with nutrition: food must be weighed in part with a gram. This is often not consistent when, for example, you go to an office for lunch or a business meal. Even having dinner with friends is so much more complicated. It will only improve again in the loose phase of change: even restaurant visits are then allowed.

The advantage of this diet is that you can actually get rid of the annoying pounds with Metabolic Balance. A strict calorie plan and digestive breaks help with weight loss and weight loss. Another positive aspect is the high dose of vegetables and the strict requirement to have an apple every day. It promotes healthy habits.

Metabolic balance is not for everyone

Metabolic balance is suitable for anyone who has iron discipline or does not have problems with long breaks between meals. In particular, the complete omission of a snack for many can be a big change and lead to a starter phase.

The good news is that with metabolic balance you can lose weight. The bad thing, though, is that it could only be reached because of its low calorie intake – and that works with every other calorie-restricted diet.