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Regeneration and Massage Tool: Restart the recovery shoes that are in the test phase

Reboots Recovery Boots massage the legs with gentle pressure, which should speed up regeneration. We tried them.

You may have seen on Facebook or Instagram before a photo of a (professional) sofa runner whose legs were in the space socks above. What lies behind this is basically a simple principle: Reboots One Recovery Boots consist of two sleeves, each with eight air chambers that exert pressure on the legs. The print comes from a shoebox with extensive equipment through which you can choose from six different programs and eight levels of intensity. loud B"Sliding massage" should remove waste products from metabolism from the legs, stimulate blood flow and thus ensure noticeably fresher legs.

Application – simple and fast

First of all, you need to find a comfortable position (on the couch) and step into flexible legs. Huge cuffs and thick tubes don't make it easy, but with a little practice, this works better every time. Plus, zippered tops help you get in and out more easily.

It is important that the cuffs are the length of the legs and reach the buttocks. They are restarted in three different sizes.

The operation is conceivably simple: set the program, the pressure and time, lean, relax. Gently squeeze the appliance when pressure builds up and quiet hiss when releasing pressure will not interfere with watching TV or reading. The pressure starts on the feet and gradually moves towards the feet to below the buttocks. Depending on the program, one or more chambers are inflated. Pressure ranges from barely perceptible to pleasantly comfortable to almost painful. Each chamber is individually deactivated so that sensitive or painful muscles can be excluded. During the treatment, pressure can be changed and programmed.

"I felt very good during and after the massage. It was a pleasant feeling to press my tired feet. The next day I felt revived than usual," said one examiner. The biggest benefit is probably right after the run.

Conclusion – effective but expensive

Reusable boots do not provide the right massage, performed by a physical therapist, to relieve blockages or harden. It really is about faster, better recovery after training. And here is the Reboots One recovery boot as an effective tool that you can use comfortably at home while relaxing on the couch or in bed. The value of one of the 799 euros, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Reboots Go Recovery Boots – Smaller and more expensive

Boots for Recovery are restarted


Go Reboots Go reboots have a smaller, lighter control unit that can (also) run with rechargeable batteries – so reboots should be better suited for travel.

In addition to One Recovery Boots, Reboots also launched the Go version. It has a much smaller and lighter control unit and can operate for about three hours with the battery (the plug socket is still there). There are six instead of eight air chambers and only four programs instead of eight. Pressure can be selected instead of eight in 16 steps.

In the application, the difference between "One" – and "Go" is hardly relevant. The control unit operates equally quietly and achieves the same high pressure. But it is not very suitable for everyday use because the leg warmers are still very voluminous. But for the holidays or for competitive trips, taking it out can be quite worth it. The advantage of "Go" has the advantage of being able to move more freely, not just the control unit having to be plugged into an outlet. With € 899 it costs € 100 more than the "One" variant.